To an increasing extent, routing solutions provided by AXYZ International are enabling the creation of a host of special effects and complex shapes using a variety of solid woods to be achieved. These are used across a broad range of applications, from architectural signage to ornate furniture and specially designed wooden constructions for boatbuilding as well as those used in theatrical, scenic, exhibition and outdoor event locations.

For example, there is nothing to beat the aesthetic appeal of signs made from natural wood, with their unique ability to convey a sense of infinite reliability, durability and environmental awareness. A company that has built a global reputation for the quality of its three-dimensional signs made from cedar wood is Cornwall-based The Grain.

Central to the success of these signs that have an incomparable handcrafted appearance has been a Pacer 25/15 HDS router supplied by AXYZ International.

Developed for high-speed routing, the machine is particularly suited to the continuous production of two- and three-dimensional output using a broad range of materials. These include solid and composite woods, aluminium and aluminium composites (ACM), stainless steel, brass and acrylic.

In addition to its renowned cedar wood sandblasted signs, The Grain has used the Pacer router for a wide variety of associated three-dimensional work as well as for heavy-duty routing tasks requiring a high degree of accuracy, quality of finish and fast throughput.

Routing technology from AXYZ International was also a key factor in the success of Cornish boat builder Cornish Crabbers. The router supplied has been employed primarily for the manufacture of wooden components installed in its classic style sailing boats and yachts. These include interior wood-based furnishings and the wooden framework for the sailing craft.

A spokesperson at Cornish Crabbers comments: “Hitherto, all of this work would have been cut out by hand and would require at least three and a half days to complete. Knowing that the router supplied by AXYZ International would cut all curves precisely with a perfect finish has enabled a much higher degree of accuracy and much shorter timescale than was previously possible.”

Another successful AXYZ router owner has been Cardiff Theatrical Services. On behalf of the Welsh National Opera, the company builds theatrical scenery using primarily wood for complex-shaped components fixed to timber or steel frames.

General manager at Cardiff Theatrical Services, Darren Joyce comments: “We chose the AXYZ 4010 router because it ticked all the boxes in our must-have list of requirements and because it provided the right  production capability but at a price point with which we felt comfortable.”