Of nearly 50 years standing, Reddish Joinery has been making wooden windows using traditional and now contemporary methods. With its new CNC profit H30 machine from Felder, the company has achieved productivity and accuracy gains that traditional manufacturing methods would find hard to match

Reddish Joinery manufactures a range of bespoke windows, doors and conservatories. Founded in 1967, Reddish Joinery is at the forefront of timber production. Third generation business entrepreneur, Lee Parrott, runs the family-owned company and it was in this very workshop that he discovered his passion for joinery.

Recently equipping his workshop with the CNC profit H30, Lee is delighted with his winner machine that ticks all the boxes. “The sheer accuracy of the H30 is phenomenal and we have been able to achieve maximum efficiency,” Lee states. Reddish Joinery has achieved increased productivity due to exceptionally accurate setting repeatability and reliable Austrian engineering.

“Due to time constraints in the past we may have had to turn away trade customers. However we now have a very good trade customer base. When customers come in, they see the machine in motion and they say ‘I want my windows to be made on that!’”

Reddish Joinery can now undertake complex projects and focus on other aspects of the business. “It is cost effective and has given us the time we need to concentrate on other things,” exclaims Lee. The profit H30 has enabled Reddish Joinery to take on new projects and it is set to introduce energy-tested and rated windows, unique to the timber industry.

“Before we purchased our H30, some of the work was difficult to look forward to because of the time involved. But now it is a completely different experience due to the speed of our CNC,” Lee explains. 

Format 4 offers superior build quality, ensuring perfect results time and time again. Delighted with the performance of the profit H30, Reddish Joinery has diversified its business and achieved significant growth.

Lee says: “Felder gave us a very personal service and we trusted what CNC machine specialists Richard Hird and Garry Lavis said. They got us the most value for our money and the help from the service department in Austria is great.”

“With the way business is going, we might have to invest in another CNC machine. I would get another tomorrow if I needed one and it more than pays for itself. Our H30 is efficient and enjoyable to use, I wish it was my job to just run the machine, I love it!”