According to Jeff Green, operations director at Integral Surface Designs, cleaning the routed components prior to gluing and pressing is the key to producing a high quality PVC frontal.In today’s modern production facilities, blowing down panels with air lines is a big no-no. All that is achieved by this is sending the dust up into the atmosphere where it will land back down on machines and components and staff will ultimately be breathing in small particles, and finally someone has to clean up after.

The cost of running air lines is vast and people assume as its just air, its free – this is not the case. It is a very expensive process generating compressed air.Wandres has created a cleaning solution that firstly removes dust and dirt from both sides of the MDF panels and secondly removes static.The Wandres system is simplistic and clever – firstly the tornado channels create turbulences by the rotating movement and effectively removes contaminations in routed areas or in small grooves. Secondly the Ingromat sprayer applies a thin film of Ingromat liquid onto the tips of the brush filaments and wipes away particles that remain – but the component surface will remain dry.

The linear brush binds unwanted particles to its micro-moistened filaments and transports them towards the suction system. Both the mechanical brush contact and the capillary adhesive forces between the micro-moistenend brush filament and the particle, ensure that all particles are effectively removed from the surface.

The conductive Ingromat liquid reduces electrostatic forces.

There is also a self-cleaning mechanism for the linear brushes. At the deviation, the brush filaments are spread so that particles can be removed more easily – rotating racks mechanically shake out the particles from the brush.

Additionally, compressed air nozzles blow into the brush to cancel the capillary adhesive forces between the particles and the filaments. A central suction system disposes of the removed particles.

The process is fast-clean and very efficient, and is designed to give users the peace of mind they need to  send the product to the gluing and pressing stage. The Wandres system significantly reduces reject rates and keeps the quality standard high.

The Wandres system can be used in a number of other applications, including aluminium (foils and sheet), chipboard, flat glass, furniture panels, high pressure laminates, leather, domestic appliances and many more – for the full list customers can contact Wandres directly.

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