After moving to a new factory, AVC (Classic Woodworkers) needed a new extraction system which would meet its needs now and in the future. The company looked to Dustraction for a system which would cope with nearly forty machines, a new window line and a growing demand for AVC products and services online

Dustraction has installed an extraction layout for AVC (Classic Woodworkers) at a new 75,000 sq ft factory in Stoke on Trent dedicated to servicing growing numbers of online customers.

AVC production director, Andrew Hancock, says: “A move to a new factory is always stressful but the extraction layout, complete with all ducting throughout and disposal to an external skip from Dustraction at Stoke never gave us a moment’s hassle; it does everything it says on the tin!”

The new layout will service the needs of more than three dozen existing machines, including everything from traditional spindle moulders to ten large CNC router/moulders. Dustraction also designed the new installation to meet the needs of an SCM window line envisaged for installation in October this year.

The Dustrax 9X cyclo filter is technology new to AVC and generates 100,000m3 air capacity to service a joinery shop floor that has evolved to meet the needs of an online customer base. These are people who already know what windows, doors and stairs look like and don’t need to touch them to plan for their own future needs. In the internet shopping environment, buyers go first to the sophisticated AVC website to measure and plan using software that avoids the need to get the car out to drive to an old-fashioned out-of-town retail warehouse.

Those prepared to make buying decisions online join a rapidly growing customer base at AVC, one of the fastest growing joinery suppliers in the online environment. Now onliners can enjoy researching architectural joinery, hardware and fittings from the comfort of a computer chair from which they can find out what an ogee moulding looks like, or what they can expect from chamfered profiles – and they can use the internet to plan major time savings into their projects.

Dustraction’s new cyclo-filter is designed to run on a 24-hour daily cycle and is guaranteed for 6000 working hours, or three years, extracting chipboard, MDF and joinery waste and returning clean air back into the factory. All the equipment falls fully in line with Health & Safety Executive and COSHH legislation and also fulfills ATEX explosion regulations.

StairBox is part of the architectural package at AVC, delivering quality wooden stair systems at reasonable cost using customers’ own designs and measurements for online planning; AVC also has an extensive range of wooden stair parts including handrails, balusters and fittings. Customers really do now find themselves in charge of the whole do-it-yourself manufacturing package at AVC – where they can access everything an imaginative pair of hands needs.

Andrew Hancock says cyclone technology from Dustraction will help AVC maintain a clean, dust-free atmosphere and will help to maximise his customers’ budgets.

“We understand how difficult it sometimes is to get a staircase built that exactly fits the space and architecture a customer has available – and which also looks the way they planned in their imagination,” he says. “Our software talks customers through the process in their comfortable, though remote, home environment and Dustraction now helps us to maintain a clean and tidy working atmosphere here in the factory that we can all be proud of!”

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