Creative Space is a specialist provider of sustainable architectural solutions in the field of house building, home extensions and other specialist structures. The company felt that it needed to improve and update its machining capacity, including the crosscutting of its timber components.

Looking to improve Creative Space’s machining capacity, managing director Andrew Smythe paid a visit to a Daltons Wadkin open house show to see a Salvador S200 Superpush optimising crosscutting system.

After viewing the machine and seeing it put through its paces, Andrew recognised that this was exactly the type of machine the company was looking for.

Daltons Wadkin’s sales director Andy Walsh says: “We were delighted that Andrew took time to visit our open house and that he so quickly found the answer to his requirements.

“The Salvador S200, which we subsequently supplied to Creative Space’s Doncaster manufacturing outlet, incorporated a 4200mm pusher system, electro pneumatic and alignment pushers, a gravity preload system and programmable controls. This specification is ideal for their current output and will significantly impact on their crosscutting quality, accuracy and production rates.”

Andrew Smythe was also pleased with the outcome of his visit to the Nottingham-based machinery manufacturer and supplier, saying: “The Salvador Superpush system is running daily and is already proving to be an integral and vital part of our manufacturing process. The speed, efficiency and safety of its operation is remarkable and we are confident our investment will repay us time and again.”