Biele, one of the largest automation companies for the wood industry, has launched a new generation of fully automated packing lines reaching high outputs for many different type of boxes, such as FEFCO 410, FEFCO 409 and FEFCO 403, in addition to handling a wide variety of dimensions.

These state-of-the-art turnkey lines include the whole of the required functions at a high level of automation; box erecting, box filling with robots, box closing, labelling and palletizing mixing different boxes within the same finished good pallet, are completed with no human intervention getting ratios up to 15 boxes/min in a regular basis.

On top of this, the Duplo range of high speed feeders and stackers along with the EVO out-sorting and in-sorting provides a consistent solution for the highest working speeds combining the grading operation for multiple pieces flow with the manufacturing process and reducing dramatically the man power directly involved with these high speed production lines.

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