Martin Moore and Schelling is a perfect example of where traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology meet to create classic English designs. Martin Moore knows only one standard: the highest quality and this is achieved by means of state-of-the-art technologies and craftsmanship.

At Martin Moore precision and an eye for detail are the basis for everything – especially production. In 1975, a young design engineer called Martin Moore began to make kitchens with a vision to become one of Britain’s leading handmade kitchen companies.

Now, four decades later and still family run with seven showrooms nationwide, we discuss their most recent investment – a Schelling fh4 cut-to-size saw.

As explained by Richard Moore, design director, and son of Martin Moore: “We’ve made a significant investment and purchased a Schelling fh4 to ensure that our customers receive the finest possible furniture. Technology, of course, is only part of the equation – it takes talented craftsmen to make sure they’re getting the most from any equipment in which we invest. This is where traditional craftsmanship, handed down through the decades, meets today’s innovative technology to create authentic English design.”

According to Jason Phillips, Martin Moore systems and specification manager: “The factory is the beating heart of our business. This is where we build our high quality furniture, and where we continue to build our reputation in the pursuit of excellence. Our customers have high standards and we expect this from all our production machinery.

“For us the speed and dimensional cutting accuracy of the saw was vitally important: the fh4 had to deliver an impressive performance – and it did: with a powerful 15kW motor and a saw blade diameter of 350mm, it provides a maximum saw blade projection of 95mm, and a saw travel speed of up to 120m/min thus effortlessly cutting material.”

Richard Moore comments: “Our customers require high quality furniture that will last a lifetime and this isn’t achieved through luck, it starts with employing talented people combined with the best manufacturing technology – Schelling is a manufacturing partner we trust. Accuracy is important to us because each kitchen is made to measure and built to an individual order.

Schelling deliver this cutting accuracy with two double aligners, one on either side of the saw line which remain on the material even during cutting to provide dimensional angular accuracy. The alignment force adjusts automatically with the aid of a frequency converter so even thin strips can be cut with high precision. With an alignment range of 40mm to 2200mm, Martin Moore know the fh4 delivers high cutting accuracy even with the narrowest kitchen door front strips.”

Jason Phillips continueds: “As part of our research journey we were taken by Schelling to several local manufacturing customers where we witnessed – first-hand – Schelling machines in action. This was extremely useful, as we got a feel for the saw, and ultimately, seeing is believing. Not only did this help confirm our decision to purchase a Schelling fh4, but it also helped when choosing additional machine options.

As a result of the site visits we chose to purchase an additional manually adjustable, extra-wide 700mm air cushion table. This is perfect for manipulating material after and during the cutting process.”

Markus Freuis, managing director of Schelling UK, explains: that often no two fh4 machines are ever the same. “Each fh4 cut-to-size saw is designed according to the customer’s wishes and adapted to their requirements. Grooving is another optional extra Martin Moore chose – this grooving option gives them the ability to produce curved corner units in-house. Martin Moore want to keep as many skills in-house as possible to control and enhance quality, as well as react quickly to clients’ requests.”

“Our love of craftsmanship is why we use the best technology,” says Richard Moore, but in order to get control over the technology, training is vitally important. For us there was no point in investing in the best technology without receiving the best training – the Schelling training matched the same high quality.

“The Schelling MCS operating system is quick to understand and easy to operate. For the operator, there is a real-time visual simulation of the whole machine working – which features clear operator guidance, with moving graphics on a large 22in TFT screen. This real time visualisation helps reduce operating errors, leaving more time for the operator to focus on production.”

“Everything we make is bespoke to individual customer needs and is manufactured in our own factory. Therefore it was important that our customers weren’t affected by the new machine installation and subsequent factory re-organisation,” says Jason. “Through good planning and co-operation the old machinery was removed after which the new Schelling fh4 was installed and commissioned on time, with no interruption to production.”

Richard Moore concludes: “We have celebrated our 40th anniversary this year with a successful purchase of a new Schelling saw and other machinery: what better way to ensure we will be here for many more years to come?”

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