In co-operation with its UK dealer Schubert Technical Services, Makor has recently installed and commissioned a radical new type of line to paint between 1600 and 2000 window components per day. The new high-speed line incorporates a totally new way of thinking for the window industry; each individual window component is painted in water-based primer in two passes at a line speed of 40mtmin, all around the product.

The paint line has the ability to accept product of random length, height and width, either in batches or individual pieces. This new approach gives the line complete flexibility with zero set-up time between products. Makor says the coating is dry within 10 minutes with laminar air movement and wind-jet, hot air modules. Once coated on the four sides, the window components are assembled and then top coat paint is applied on overhead conveyor system.

Makor is a worldwide leader in finishing technologies and has been a major player in this field for the last 50 years, designing and manufacturing turnkey systems for the woodworking trade.

Recently, Makor has also designed and installed a highly automated plant for the finishing of tables and high quality furniture components, extremely flexible and for just-in-time production.

Each work-piece processed on the line has a Radio Frequency ID with all the information related to the coating cycle. In the various stages of processing along the line, the different control systems, with a radio frequency antenna, recognise the piece and perform the various set-up required on each machine, such as the choice of the coating colour and the appropriate cycle.

Other highlights from this installation are Robospray Twin, able to coat through-feed at a speed of 5m/min, and, in robot-mode, complex 3D shapes, as well as the flexible storage at the end of the line where the pieces are stored according to the varying drying times for each type of finish and then taken out based on the packing requirements.

For more information on fully automatic panel and profile finishing lines, contact Makor Srl, Italy or Schuberts, UK.