Leading dust extraction engineers, Dust Control Systems (DCS), have recently installed a new energy-efficient dust extraction system for specialist pallet manufacturer, Industrial Pallet & Transport Services (IPTS).

Based on a three-acre manufacturing site at Ferrybridge, Yorkshire, the family-owned and operated firm is a major producer of new and refurbished pallets.

Run by husband and wife Nick and Lee Bennett, IPTS produces around 20,000 pallets per week with large quantities of pallets always held in stock. Over 500m3 of FSC certified, home grown

British timber goes into producing their high quality pallets every week, and the firm holds the coveted international ISPM 15 quality standard for production of heat treated pallets.

“Recent investment in a new automated pallet manufacturing line meant we had outgrown our existing extraction plant,” explains managing director Nick Bennett.

“DCS had supplied us with dust plant in the past and we brought them in to discuss our changing needs. After carrying out a full appraisal, DCS recommended a modern extraction plant controlled by their Ecogate system. This system would satisfy our extraction needs and cut electricity bills by providing the optimum amount of power to meet demand.” 

For the contract, DCS installed an externally-sited NFSZ modular unit, fitted with high-performance ‘Superbag’ polyester filter bags.

It has an airflow capacity of 14,500m3/hr and is capable of efficiently coping with varying loads of wood dust and chips. Incorporated into the main ducting system is an ATEX-approved CARZ back-pressure flap valve which prevents the effects of a dust explosion from travelling back along ductwork. The compact filter plant is fitted with a rotary valve which discharges waste pressure-free into a closed loop conveying system that transfers the waste directly into a box cart. Additionally, an emergency bulk bag discharge system is included.

Energy saving measures involved the installation of an integrated Ecogate greenBOX12 controller, in conjunction with an Ecogate PowerMaster variable speed drive, which automatically adjusts the speed of the main extraction fan as machines come on line or shut down – resulting in significant power savings over a traditional fixed-speed system.

The result is a highly-efficient dust extraction system, which provides precise extraction volumes only when needed. It is expected that the Ecogate system will reduce power usage by around 60%.

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