Schreinerei Schlingmann makes exclusive furniture pieces to order, and almost all of them have lacquered surfaces – a range of solutions from Binks was specified to help create a consistent finish across the company’s varied portfolio.

Schreinerei Schlingmann’s product range extends from individual items of furniture to interior design products for front panels, doors and patio planters to kitchens, windows and shopfittings.

The company is based in Bad König, near Frankfurt. Since its establishment in 1998 it has maintained a high standard of output, starting at the planning stage and continuing through manufacture to delivery.

To reach the required quality, the company’s Werner Schlingmann decided to rely on the new Binks MX Lite AAA spray package. This compact coating system comprises a high pressure MXL 4/32 stainless steel piston pump, the Binks AA4400M AAA spray gun with tip, and a SuperFlex hose package.

“Besides the perfect surface finishing that we were able to achieve with this system, it is light and simple to use, and helps us meet our high standards in terms of environmental protection. The excellent price-to-quality ratio played a role too – thanks to the good relationship we have with our specialised dealer, Helmut Trebus Spritztechnik,” explains master carpenter Cyrill Rasewsky.

A convincing benefit of the new MXL pump is the pulsation-free delivery of the coating. Thanks to a number of innovative technologies, such as the magnetic detents, significantly less winking of the spray pattern occurs during the pump changeover stroke.

Another advantage of the MXL pump is the low overspray. This allows paint savings of up to 20% and a significant reduction of greenhouse gases. The long-lasting, ceramic-coated piston rods, and the self-adjusting packings, reduce maintenance downtime.

There are further advantages.  The pump has been designed with easy maintenance in mind – with no superfluous covers or cowlings, it is easy to separate the air motor and fluid sections and disassemble for maintenance. The new Binks SuperFlex hose provides a significant increase in user comfort.

A number of different tip sizes is available for the AA4400M Air Assisted Airless spray gun. Binks engineers have ensured that every tip provides good atomisation over the length of the spray fan, resulting in no colour or thickness variations, making the gun suitable for a variety of paint variations and viscosities.

A look at the finished products produced by Schreinerei Schlingmann confirms all these positive statements. The products are coated efficiently, with little overspray and a high quality finish. The spray pattern is evenly distributed, fine and consistent, even in the case of the more problematic coatings.   

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