German engineering company, Holzma, is the world’s leading beam saw manufacturer. For the engineers at Holzma, however, it’s not just about designing efficient saws.

Holzma’s remit is to create solutions that are guaranteed to make daily manufacturing quicker, more accurate and more efficient. Its goal is to improve product quality, prevent errors and increase both flexibility and output.

This approach has enabled Holzma to take the basic beam saw and develop it into an advanced piece of machinery which does much more than simply size panels. One of its most popular ranges is the 300 Series, designed for small- to medium-sized enterprises.

Holzma 300 Series – compact, technically advanced beam saws
The 300 Series models are technically advanced machines that have set the standard for beam saws worldwide. The HPP 300 is the base model, but its specification is anything but standard. It’s a compact and powerful saw featuring an 80mm saw blade projection, an exceptionally smooth running saw carriage and low energy consumption.

Optional extras include increased cutting height, ascending and vertical post forming packages, pneumatic trim stops, manual angle cuts, high precision laser guide beam, kerfing, a label printer, a stress-release cut option and Magi-Cut optimisation software packages.

More recently, an Easy2Feed option has been developed which offers automatic feeding at a budget price and can be retro-fitted to both the HPP 300 and 250 models. The core element of Easy2Feed is a compact scissor lift table which is perfect for loading with a forklift truck.

The HPL 300 model features an integrated lift table for automatic feeding to speed up production and boost throughput. At the top of the Holzma 300 Series range is the HKL 300 angular system which is, in effect, two saws in one, permitting simultaneous rip and cross cutting for higher output.

Completing the 300 Series range is the HKL 300 combiLine. This breakthrough machine enables cutting and routing on a Holzma angular saw which delivers many benefits. Flexible and highly cost efficient, it virtually eliminates extra work steps for recuts, resulting in a fully automated cut-to-size operation for batch-size-one customers at very high speed.

Borley Laminates invests in a Holzma HPP 300 to get a reliable, high quality saw
Borley Laminates, trading as Willis Systems, provides a wide variety of washroom products from budget toilet cubicles to fully designed bespoke washroom solutions. “A reliable, high quality beam saw is the bedrock of our business,” explains Joe Borley a director of the company.

He continues: “We cut, drill, rout and edge an enormous number and variety of panels to make up our washroom solutions and so we have to have machinery we can count on day in, day out.

“As far as we are concerned, you can’t beat German engineering and that is why we have invested heavily in equipment from Homag UK. We’ve run Holzma beam saws for many years and, when it came to upgrading our saw, Holzma was again top of our list.

“Our new HPP 300 has sped up our manufacturing processes by around 25-30% and yet the quality and accuracy remains absolutely first class. The cuts are square with no chipping, so they don’t have to go to another machine for finishing.”

Homag UK – a first class friendly and professional service
“Our contact at Homag UK, Andy Potter, is very straightforward. He tells it like it is, so you know exactly where you stand and you can trust him one hundred percent. Along with the installation engineers, Andy makes the whole specifying and installation process very easy.

"As a consequence, the installation of the new saw went like clockwork. Homag’s engineers worked alongside our team, training them to ensure they were ready to hit the ground running as soon as the installation was complete.

“In terms of support, Homag UK are brilliant. Any issues are sorted straightaway whether it’s for our Holzma saws, Brandt edgebanders or Weeke CNCs,” concludes Joe Borley.

Holzma HPL 500 – a powerful industrial level beam saw with automatic feeding
The Holzma HPL 500 is equipped with a heavy-duty lift table for automatic feeding. This significantly speeds up the manufacturing process. This machine can cut lengths of up to 6500mm and offers a saw blade projection of up to 170mm with extremely accurate saw blade positioning via a ball-screw spindle. It also features improved dust extraction for a cleaner environment.

The saw’s body is made of Holzma’s unique Sorb Tech construction, making it very robust and truly accurate, delivering up to ten times better vibration dampening, 20% higher sound absorption, 30% longer saw blade life and 40% lower consumption of primary energy during production.

The HPL 500 has a rugged clamping system designed for continuous, multi-shift operation, and a precise and accurate program fence with electromagnetic measuring system that guarantees positioning accuracy of +/- 0.1mm, therefore minimising trim and dust cuts.

Holzma HPL 500 delivers for Eureka Display
Wakefield-based Eureka Display is the UK’s foremost manufacturer of shopfitting equipment. It claims to be the choice of many leading shopfitters for three key reasons: firstly, it uses only top grade, quality materials; secondly, it offers an almost infinite range of finishes and finally, it is reliable, turning round orders quickly and delivering on time.

“To maintain this level of service, we have to have machinery we can rely on,” comments Ashley Littlewood, company manager at Eureka Display. He continues: “It has to be accurate, fast and yet provide quality results every time.

“Our old Giben saw had performed well over the years but when it came to replacing it, we knew exactly what we wanted. As a matter of course, we carried out due diligence in the marketplace, but nothing came close to offering the benefits the Holzma saw delivers.

“Dealing with John Shepherd and Homag UK made life very easy. There’s no toing and froing, John knows what he’s talking about, offers a fair price and gets the deal done. Homag UK arranged everything including the crane to install the machine and Ian Smith, the installation engineer, was extremely tidy and efficient. The result was virtually no downtime during the installation process and after four days of training we were up to full speed.

“The woodWOP and Magi-Cut optimising software are easy to use. Magi-Cut enables us to do all the sizing work in the office, provide a quote over the phone and then send the job direct to the saw, so it’s very efficient and saves time.

“We cut a lot of MDF sheet material and the bigger blade diameter on the HPL 500 enables us to cut seven sheets at a time, instead of the five we used to be able to do with the old saw. So all in all, the new Holzma gives us the increase in capacity we need whilst maintaining the high quality and reliability that we demand,” concludes Ashley Littlewood.

Enter the world of high precision manufacturing with the Holzma HPP 130
The new Holzma HPP 130 costs little more than a conventional table circular saw, but cuts single panels to a much higher level of precision and does so far more efficiently.

With a 60mm saw blade projection, it is ideal for processing single panels and small batches. The HPP 130’s three air cushion tables, each 500mm wide, make for easy and gentle panel handling. The machine is controlled with Holzma’s proven CADmatic software which is both easy to use and has been developed especially for production processes in panel dividing.

Holzma HPP 130 doubles board processing capacity for Ruddy Joinery
“Our decision to buy a Holzma HPP 130 was part of a larger investment strategy to increase the capacity of the business,” explains Adrian Glover, general manager of Flitwick-based Ruddy Joinery & Fit-Out Specialists.

He continues: “We were looking to double the capacity of our board and veneer processing to keep pace with expansion in the bespoke joinery, as well as the high end off-site washroom market which we entered four years ago.

“The washroom products require a high volume of processing of laminate, melamine and Corian boards which meant we would need a new saw and five-axis CNC machine to cope with this increase in volume. The saw, however, didn’t need to be an all-singing, all-dancing mass feeding machine.

“Also, it had to have a small footprint as space in the production facility is at a premium. The Holzma HPP 130 fitted the bill perfectly. It uses the same software as our other Homag Group machinery and so using Magi-Cut can be ‘talked to’ and programmed from the office upstairs.

“We have been fans of Homag Group equipment for a long time; they are by some margin one of the better manufacturers. More importantly, perhaps, they have a good support structure. Machines go wrong, that’s a fact of life, so you need to buy from a company that can solve issues quickly and efficiently. Homag UK provide that support, it really is a complete package.

“Everything from the installation of the saw, to the training and support is slick, exactly what you’d expect from the world leader in woodworking machinery. Our calculations show that the Holzma HPP 130 will pay for itself within 18 months. It is more accurate than the old saw and has doubled our capacity in board processing, vastly reducing the number of night shifts we have to run to avoid bottlenecks.

“The people at Homag UK are a pleasure to deal with. They are professional, they know their business inside out and do not give you the hard sell because they know they’ve got great products,” concludes Adrian Glover.

For more information on Holzma products and software or to arrange a demonstration, contact Adele Hunt at Homag UK on 01332 856424.
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