Cheshire based McKye’s is a bespoke furniture designer and manufacturer which specialises in the production of high quality kitchens. The decision to invest in a Kimla CNC router was prompted by increased demand and the requirement to reduce panel processing times.

Following a working demonstration at the Daltons Wadkin Nottingham showroom, company founder Tim McKye quickly realised the benefits of a Kimla over other CNC routers on the market.

“The build quality of the Kimla was immediately apparent,” says Tim: “One of the key things for me was the physical footprint – space is always a premium but the Kimla is compact. We opted for a machine to accommodate jumbo boards, but even with the large working area, it takes up very little relative space in our workshop.”

Each Kimla is manufactured to order. With almost limitless combinations of bed sizes, spindle types, tool changers, table configurations, etc, the Kimla is a fully-customisable CNC machine.

Tim continues: “I had been met by blank expressions from other manufacturers when I asked about increased Z axis heights or increased working areas, but for Kimla it was no trouble. A truly refreshing approach.”

The Kimla BPF model was equipped with a 9kW spindle, 10 position tool changer, 2.1 x 3.1m matrix vacuum table for nesting, 300mm Z axis and table reference pins. Each Kimla is supplied with its own powerful CAD/CAM software package, but as Tim was already familiar with Vectric software a post processor was installed for seamless integration.

“The speed and accuracy of the machine is phenomenal,” enthuses Tim. “With the large format bed I can nest components from a jumbo sheet. Work that previously took me a week now takes just two or three hours. Fitting time on site is also quicker as everything is accurate and fits first time.”

A key attribute of the Kimla machines is versatility, and the ability to continually monitor cutting paths to regulate the feed speed ensures the best possible finish. “We are now cutting Corian, something I have not even thought of before. The increased Z axis means I can mount vacuum pods on the matrix table for solid wood processing too. Again, something that set the Kimla apart for me.”

Daltons Wadkin has been specialising in CNC machines for over 10 years and has experience of installations across a range of industries including aerospace, automotive, sign and shopfitting, stage and set design, plastics and education as well as traditional furniture and joinery manufacturing.

“This year sees us celebrate 115 years of service to the industry,” comments director Alex Dalton. “We have built our reputation on supplying only the very best equipment with a continual emphasis on quality and service.

“The Kimla range of CNC routers fits perfectly into our product portfolio. Traditional joinery equipment is still an important part of our business, but it is our range of high-tech CNC products that offer our customers the biggest opportunity to boost production, increase quality and cut costs.”

For more information on Daltons Wadkin range of CNC routers contact a member of the team.

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