Supported by his team of carefully-chosen craftsmen, Jonathan Randall can design and create the perfect kitchen, custom-built wardrobe and many other bespoke handmade furniture all of which are defined by their quality, characterised by the materials used and embodied by the craftsmanship that goes into making every feature perfect.

To assist in turning customers’ dream kitchen or handmade furniture into reality, Jonathan Randall Kitchens required machines as accurate and reliable as the skilled craftsmen working on each individual job.

In 2012, the company decided to invest in machines from Felder, purchasing an A3-31 planer thicknesser with the Silent-Power spiral cutterblock and N4400 bandsaw from the Hammer range, an FW 950 classic wide-belt sander from the Felder range and a Kappa 400 x-motion sliding table saw from the Format-4 range.

Speaking about the machines used by Jonathan Randall Kitchens, workshop manager Mark Musty says: “We have the spiral block, it’s absolutely brilliant! I have been woodworking for 30 years and that’s one of the best inventions in a long time. We do a lot of sheet work and it reduces the noise by about 50%; that is something to shout about.”

He continues: “The sander is second to none! It saves us, on average, one week per month in sanding and the pad facility for the finish is absolutely brilliant!

“The panel saw is more than just repeatability. The fact we can program in every function for our v cutters, all the different size blades and once it is set it goes exactly to that and because it is all digital rather than using a tap measurement where you could be half a mill out it is very accurate, easy to reset and re-calibrate. All these features coupled with the continued great service we have received from Felder have made them the perfect partner for our workshop.”