Based in Leiston, Suffolk, Brooks Joinery has worked with the highest calibre architects and designers over the past 30 years, delivering unmatched designs and attention to detail specialising in quality bespoke windows, doors, conservatories and kitchens. 

Brooks Joinery was started in 1981 by Colin Brooks where he mostly worked on fitting out and restoring narrow boats. Colin built his first boat at age 11 and his passion for woodworking has developed from there.

Colin first came across the Felder Group at Woodmex whilst looking for a spindle moulder, Colin comments: “Felder were the only ones, at that time, that had a spindle moulder that tilted the correct way and since then we have purchased a panel saw which has now been upgraded to a kappa 450, a dual 51 planer-thicknesser and upgraded our original spindle moulder to the profil 45 Z – all from the Format-4 range.” 

He adds: “All our machines now have the electrical Power-Drive controls giving us much greater accuracy and you can just look at the scales to see where they are set.”

“When buying a machine we look for quality and versatility, I have always said when we buy a machine it needs to do everything we could possibly ever want to do and that is what we have got with the machines from Felder. 

“Our profil 45 is the first spindle moulder we have had with a sliding table, which has been great even with our lack of room within the workshop, it’s helped with tenoning and angle tenoning.

Talking about his experience of Felder, Colin says: “We have not had any problems with Felder, you feel that the Austrian work ethic is more conscientious than some of the other brands that we have previously purchased. The service has always been very good and very quick and over the 10-15 years we have never had a problem; they come back to us very quickly and resolve any issue. The team is very knowledgeable in all departments; I needed a part and it was quickly identified and with me a couple of days later.”

To see how a range of machines from Felder, see the company’s website and YouTube channel - Felder Group UK TV