Made by Greg Cox has steadily added to his roster of Felder Group UK machinery to help him improve the quality, consistency of the company’s output.

Based in Leyton, East London, Greg Cox studied fine art and started his career as a set builder before starting up his own company in 2011 making fitted furniture, wardrobes and kitchens all from his workshop in East London.

Greg explains: “I saw some furniture and thought, I could make that and it had a big price tag so I thought I would give it ago and it has evolved naturally from making small pieces into what I make today”.

Typical stock in trade from Made By Greg Cox

In 2012 Greg purchased his first machines from the Felder Group UK an A3-31 planer-thicknesser and a N4400 bandsaw from the Hammer range. “A friend of mine had a Hammer planer-thicknesser and I was blown away, you could take this rough bit of wood, put it through the planer and it comes out this beautiful piece. I went straight online and found a review for the Hammer A3-31, which I purchased because it had such great reviews and I then got a bandsaw at the same time”.

Since then, Greg has added to his collection, purchasing a K3 winner panel saw, which has been upgraded to a Felder K 700 S as the business has grown, as well as buying an RL 200 dust extractor, a FAT 300 work table, and most recently, a Felder F 700 Z spindle moulder. 

“The spindle moulder is amazing,” says Greg, “we have digital rise and fall on this machine as well as the table saw – and being able to get it that accurate is amazing! It has allowed us to make new things like handles and edge pulls as well as our own mouldings. It’s made everything much easier and with the power feeder it’s a lot safer.”

Speaking about his FAT 300 work table, Greg says: “I’ve wanted it for years – I like the fact it’s a work bench, it’s a table for storing stuff on, you can finish things on it, you can change the height and wheel it around, I can make it the same height as my van, slide everything onto it, wheel it into my workshop, pump it up and slide it onto my bench. After that, I can use it as an infeed or outfeed for the planer – it’s so versatile it’s amazing like having an extra pair of hands.”

When asked about the service he receives from Felder Group UK, Greg comments: “I like the fact that if everything is with one company, it’s one port of call. If an engineer comes, they can service all the machines in one hit, which is brilliant and makes my life much easier.”