Upgrading from a combination machine to separate and higher specification machines from Felder UK help bespoke furniture manufacturer Hide and Stitch improve accuracy and reduce waste – all of which saves valuable time for a growing business.

Hide and Stitch is a Cambridge-based company with over 25 years’ experience making bespoke furniture in leather, cowhide, wood and metal for individuals and commercial customers across the country. 

All of its work is created at the company’s fully equipped workshop where it is able to do leatherwork, upholstery, woodworking, metalwork or paint finishes on the impressive pieces it creates.


In 2004, managing director David Motley was running his company from his garage at home when he decided to visit Felder’s in-house exhibition with a view to purchasing a horizontal mortiser. David comments: “I went to purchase a Felder FD 250 horizontal mortiser and whilst I was there I saw all the other machines and decided to buy a Felder CF 731 combination machine, which was great when we started out.” 

He continues: “As the company developed, the way we decided to move forward was to get a bigger unit and buy separate machines, so we bought the premises we are in today and upgraded to separate Format-4 machines.”

Since then David has gone on to purchase 10 machines from the Felder Group including a Format-4 kappa 550 e-motion panel saw. Recommending some of the features David added to his saw, he says: “When you are working with manually-indexed woodworking machines there is more room for error, when you have a digital read-out on the outrigger and rip fence, its brilliant. When you are doing really accurate work, like mitre work, it has to be perfect or you are going to get a gap, so I would recommend upgrading to anyone. Within a month you will realise it is the right choice and it saves so much time, which is your biggest asset within your business. If you can save a minute here or 10 minutes there, over the course of a year that’s a lot of money.”

Speaking about his experience of Felder UK, David says: “I’ve not had a problem with one machine, I will buy a machine from Felder because I want the machine. Even though there isn’t anything I need, I still have a look to see what I can buy. The only reason I change machines is because I like to have a new model, it’s not down to the fact a machine wears out and they have such an amazing residual value as well. If you invest well at the start you will get your money out at the end.”