The latest addition to Trade Moulding’s collection of Modesta filters is currently being installed; the respected kitchen and bedroom furniture manufacturer needed a complete system, including dust extraction, piping, filters and of course installation on site. 

“It was a joint effort,” says director Austin Macoscar, “there was an existing system in place, but once we had seen the improvement the initial installation had made, we decided to upgrade the remaining systems.”

Trade Mouldings was also happy with the minimal period of downtime needed to install and get the new system running.

“The biggest challenge was finding the correct place for the new filters, keeping the old ones running and then moving everything without disruption to production.” 

Modesta came up with a solution so as to keep machinery going so production could continue, “ explains Austin, “we lost just one day of production, but we knew it was coming. Now all we have to do is switch the piping to the new filters and remove the old one.”

Two new chain filters had been installed seven months ago and the results were that efficiency, cleanliness and energy use in the factory all improved. The workforce is also happy about the new system: thanks to the more efficient set-up, maintenance engineers have less to worry about, and workers are happy having a dust-free working environment that makes their job easier. 

Austin says: “Modesta is easy to work with, supplies a good system and installs it with very little disruption. I’d recommend that other factories put them at the top of their lists.”

“The installed dust extraction capacity at Trade Mouldings has increased by 60% to 500kWh in the past years, while the anticipated total energy consumption of the filter installation will drop, which is a great benefit,” points out Wyboud Kloppenburg, director of Modesta. 

“We achieve energy savings like these by using cascading fans driven by our ECO system, built into every filter by default. This allows Trade Mouldings to manufacture reliably, saving tens of thousands of pounds annually on energy while growing to meet future needs.”

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