When Alfreton-based Sylmar Technology came to replace its ageing wide-belt sander, the £14.5m turnover company left no stone unturned in its search to find the very best machine for its requirements. The evaluation process included all the leading brands in the sander market and Sylmar ran lots of tests on the machines to see how they performed.

Sylmar’s managing director, Peter Holt, takes up the story: “For us, a quality sanding machine is a vital part of our production process. We sand a large volume of solid surface sheet material and both the finish quality and speed of manufacturing are critically important to the success of our business.

Alfreton-based Sylmar Technology selects Homag Sandteq W-300 sander

“Consequently, when it came to sourcing a replacement wide-belt sander we wanted to take our time and ensure that we found the very best solution for our operation. In the end, the decision to invest in a Homag Sandteq W-300 was unanimous. It’s the first time we’ve bought machinery from Homag, but from the word go their professionalism, knowledge and positive attitude won us over.”

Homag Sandteq W-300: a first class solution

“The machine itself is first class. Of all the brands we tested it clearly outperformed the competition. The W-300 is a superbly engineered machine, as you would expect from a German manufacturer. The finish quality we achieve with this machine is far better than anything else we tested.

“From the first time we saw the machine at LIGNA, to sending product for testing in Germany and visiting the manufacturing plant out there, Homag couldn’t have been more helpful and accommodating. Their expert engineers worked closely with us to agree the specification that would give us the precise performance we needed. We settled on a cross belt Q-Head, a wide belt H-Head and an additional cross belt Q-Head for premier finishing.

“When everything was agreed, they also sorted out a three year finance deal through the company’s own Homag Finance division; it made life very easy for us. Not surprisingly, given its high performance and engineering standards, the Sandteq W-300 wasn’t the cheapest solution. Delivery time was also a little longer than some of the other manufacturers; the wait and additional cost, however, have been well worth it. 

“As you’d expect from the Germans, the installation went like clockwork. The machine was installed and commissioned within three days and the Homag engineer then spent another three days providing comprehensive training for our operatives.”

Sandteq-W-300 wide - with faster throughput

The Sandteq W-300 wide-belt sander

The W-300 series offers an all-round solution for small and medium-sized carpentry and joinery companies. It is ideal for calibration, high gloss, veneer and paint sanding. With seven sanding units to choose from, you can specify a configuration of up to three heads to suit your precise needs.

The Sandteq W-300 offers a 1350mm working width and boasts a heavy, stable machine frame designed to provide exceptional smoothness and torsional resistance. The sander is controlled using Homag’s powerTouch operating panel which features a 21in HD multi-touch display screen.

The right heads for your tasks

Depending on the focus of the application and the volumes to be processed, machines can be specified with one to three heads. If you need to machine large quantities of solid wood and calibrate to full width with high removal rates then the R-Head with a profiled steel roller is ideal.

The cross belt Q-Head ensures smooth, very high-quality surfaces with the cut direction rotated by 90°. It is ideal for high-gloss paint finishes up to grain P2500. And finally, the X-Head is a multi-functional single-head all-rounder ideal for calibration sanding (P80-120), fine sanding (P120-320) and paint sanding (P320-1200).

If versatility is more important than high volumes, and you need calibration and fine sanding, then the universal two-in-one L-Head is right solution. For the added security of the segmented pressure beam at lower volumes, the C-Head will calibrate and fine sand.

To obtain a premier quality finish for veneer, paint and filler sanding the H-Head will provide the utmost in surface quality. For intermediate sanding of veneers, varnish and fine wood sanding, the E-Head prepares surfaces for an H-Head.

For high accuracy finish sanding, the eps® system developed by Homag has individual segments (25mm wide) which automatically adjust themselves to uneven sections in the workpiece within a tolerance range of 2mm (max) to ensure that each part of the workpiece always receives the correct sanding pressure.

For increased accuracy, the mps® segmented pad system uses a super sensitive 12.5mm grid for workpiece detection; this very fine detection, coupled with Homag’s rapid and frictionless magnetic pressure beam system delivers a guaranteed quality finish.

Manufacturing results

Peter Holt again: “Since we’ve had the Sandteq W-300 we’ve seen not only a very significant improvement in finish quality, but also a faster throughput of work in the factory.

“What’s more, the machine looks the part and that’s very important for creating the right impression when potential customers visit our manufacturing facility. As they say, you never get a second chance to create a first impression – the Homag machine takes care of that beautifully.” 

Homag – professionals through and through

“Throughout our dealings with Homag, they’ve continued to impress us with their open, honest and transparent approach. They are true professionals whose knowledge and experience is a fantastic benefit when it comes to specifying the right machine for a task. 

“It is not, therefore, surprising that we have put our faith in Homag again and are now investing in a second wide-belt sander from them. Being German engineered and manufactured we know it is going to be technically advanced, reliable and above all else it will deliver a premium quality finish,” concludes Peter Holt.

For a demonstration or more information about Homag wide-belt sanders, contact Adele Hunt at Homag UK on 01332 856424.