Integrated Doorset Solutions based in Mansfield– – is a single-source manufacturer for the broadest range of doorset and ironmongery solutions available. Integrated Doorset Solutions (IDS) has many individuals within its project team with over 30 years’ experience in the doorset industry, and they are committed to offer the very best service, and invested heavily in their capabilities, intellectual property rights, certification, testing and the very latest manufacturing processes. 

John Penny Woodworking Machinery was approached by IDS manufacturing director Chris Abbott, with the problem of their extremely high labour costs associated with sanding and denibbing of frame material. From the initial meeting with John Penny’s Dean Grimbley it was clear this was going to be complex. 

The production demands were outlined in the first few weeks and proved to be more complicated than first impressions. Integrated offer their customers such a wide range of products and finishes, it resulted in unlimited permutations of types of material, solid wood, MDF painted or veneered,  section sizes, profiles, type of finish applied and level of denibbing required. To add further their batch sizes vary from one frame upwards, and a large percentage of the parts are cut to final length and mitred before sanding and spraying.

After a case study was put together and with careful consideration, Dean came back with an offer of an MB Fentech profile sanding machine. 

Dean says that the Fentech sander is unique in its method of dealing with such variation, having the ability to scan each part entered. 

“Once the parts have been scanned the machine processor defines the position of the sanding heads and all adjustments are made automatically. The part travels through the machine held by a vacuum transport belt, enabling even the shortest of parts to be sanded. During its progress through the machine the heads are timed to jump in or out to protect the shoulder, even MDF veneered parts with mitred ends are sanded without rounding over the ends of the components.”

The decision was made by IDS to put the machine to the test, and a large number of framing, architraves and stops of various section sizes, materials and finishes were dispatched to MB Maschinenbau’s headquarters in Herford northern Germany. The demonstration and test centre are open for testing of all of the MB range of sanders for profiles, entrance doors, joinery/window components and kitchen cabinet doors.

Chris and his chief operations manager, Matthew Newbury, accompanied Dean to satisfy themselves of the test results and the quality of MB as future partner. During the visit to MB several hundred parts were sanded, and results were logged for quality, speed of output and setting times.

It was remarked at the time how impressive it was to see five profiles with different shapes, sizes and finishes sanded and each taking around a minute to set up and sand.

After the visit and considering the findings, IDS placed an order for the first MB Fentech machine in the UK. The machine has now been on site and in production for 18 months and has resulted in significant saving in labour costs in the finishing department and an improvement to the overall quality. 

For further information on the Fentech or any other three-dimensional sanding machine within the MB range please contact John Penny Woodworking Machinery.

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