The Sawteq B-300 with intelliGuide  - Homag's intelligent machine operator assistance system


In 2017 Minesh Mistry purchased a small joinery company in northwest London, renaming it Rokitch. His goal was to create a professional, high-quality kitchen company serving both the trade and public with German-style kitchens.

“When I bought the business it had very old woodworking machinery,” explains Minesh. “Producing kitchen components was painstaking, and the quality was nowhere near the level I was looking to achieve.

“My aim was to attract bigger trade customers and higher-end consumer projects. To do that I knew I had to invest in the best woodworking equipment I could afford, that would consistently deliver premium quality products.

Investing in the best

“As a small company, I had to make sure that whichever equipment I decided to buy, it would be right for the long term. I couldn’t afford to make a wrong decision.

“Consequently, I evaluated a wide range of suppliers in my search for the right beam saw and edgebander. The W18 exhibition was a great opportunity to see a number of potential suppliers under one roof and compare solutions. 

“My first impressions of Homag were good – as the market leader, its reputation for German engineering excellence gave me confidence.

“From the outset, I got on well with Paul Mosley, Homag UK’s area sales manager. He quickly got to grips with our particular needs and was able to recommend options for both the beam saw and edgebander.

“In addition to Paul’s professionalism, Homag’s presence in the UK was comforting. They are a large, financially sound business with their own engineering team who are always on hand to support. You just don’t get that level of care from brands that are sold through distributorships.

The Sawteq B-300 with intelliGuide – Homag’s intelligent machine operator assistance system


Homag Sawteq B-300 and Edgeteq S-240

“Once we placed the order for the Sawteq B-300 and Edgeteq S-240 machines, Homag took over. As you would expect from the ever-efficient Germans, the installation was thoroughly planned and executed, with their engineers training our operators on-site.

“With the saw I opted for the intelliGuide system, the label printer and the MagiCut software. The intelliGuide system uses coloured LED lights at the cutting line so operators can see immediately if a part has been fully processed, needs to be cut again or is waste.

“The label printer produces customised labels directly at the saw. This, in conjunction with MagiCut, delivers labels for each part, with printed instructions for the next process.

“The Edgeteq S-240 edgebander has both PUR and EVA gluing options which provide a consistent premium quality finish. Overall, it’s a really versatile and reliable edgebander that has helped transform our business.

Delivering tangible results

“The difference these two machines have made to our capabilities is immense. Previously it would take around 4½ hours to cut the parts for a complete kitchen. Now I can do it in 45 minutes – that’s a +600% improvement!

“What’s more, the saw cuts more accurately and squarely, whilst the edgebander gives a clean, professional finish. This has enabled us to take on challenging trade work and higher-end private commissions with complete confidence.

“In time alone, the edgebander has already paid for itself since its installation in May 2019, and we expect the saw (bought in October 2019) to give us a return on investment within two years.

“These purchases are the first I have made from Homag UK and they certainly won’t be the last. The entire team are very approachable – they always take calls, give advice and help as quickly as they can,” concludes Minesh. 

For a demonstration or more information on the range of Homag Sawteq and Edgeteq machines, contact Adele Hunt at Homag UK on 01332 856424.