Robert Timmons has a passion for furniture design and a unique ability to understand the engineering elements that transform a design into a reality. A cabinet maker by trade, Robert founded Robert Timmons Furniture in 2003 and, over the last 17 years, he has become a recognised name in the furniture industry with a reputation for designing and manufacturing high-end, bespoke kitchens and furniture in partnership with prestigious architects and designers.

His flexible approach to luxury furniture design and infectious creative flare have enabled Robert to carve out a long-standing relationship with Swiss joining specialist, Lamello, as he continues to push the boundaries of design with Lamello’s seamless fixings and CNC connector range. 

“I bought my first Zeta when it first launched in 2010 and my infatuation with Lamello’s fixings has grown from there,” begins Robert. “Our business is about finding solutions and delivering furniture that is completely unique. Every element of our design is unique and because of this, we give our customers complete design freedom.” 

Whilst it’s an architect’s job to create the look and feel of a space, it’s Robert and his team who are tasked with fully understanding the intricacies around the concept that will inevitably make the design functional. 

Robert says: “This is where Lamello comes into its own. For over a decade, we’ve been using Lamello’s hand fixings because they offer us serious flexibility. Their fixings are completely concealed and allow us to make completely seamless joins with exceptional strength and durability that are also quick and convenient for on-site assembly. Clamex, Tenso and Divario fixings have helped us overcome some seriously challenging designs in some challenging spaces that simply wouldn’t have been achievable without the versatility Lamello’s fixings give us.”

The Evolution's automatic tool changer rotates the tool to create the Clamex-P pocket on all four adges of the panel

In a move that has seen the Greenwich and Deptford-based company switch from outsourcing elements of machining to manufacturing complete projects in-house, Robert has invested in a Holz-Her Evolution 7405 Connect CNC, a Holz-Her Streamer 1054 edgebander and a Striebig Compact vertical panel saw.

“Until recently, we’d often prepare doors and drill hinge holes on our drill press, out-sourcing other work where we could. It was labour intensive, required a degree of skill and there was always a risk of human error. Now, with three new machines in place, intelligent optimisation software incorporated into the production and QR codes clearly directing the operator through the different production stages, a relatively inexperienced cabinet maker can successfully use the equipment to cut and drill panels accurately and create beautifully finished panels quickly and effectively.” 

HolzHer' provides a complete and extremely efficient solution for customers looking to benefit from Lamello's P System

These changes have also seen the integration of Lamello’s CNC connectors into the company’s machining processes. The Evolution 7405, which was the first machine in the Holz-Her range to be P-System ready, offered Robert vertical CNC machining in a compact format. Whilst considerably smaller than a horizontal flat-bed CNC, the Evolution has the ability to machine a panel on all four edges. 

“Lamello’s CNC offering made the Evolution more attractive as a tool for our workshop,” admits Robert. “To be able to get four sides of the board completely square, routed and ready for edgebanding was a huge advantage for us. We can now process each piece single-handedly and speed up production considerably.” 

Teamed with SWOOD Design, a complete CAD software suite that is fully integrated into SolidWorks, Lamello’s CNC connectors were easily integrated into Robert’s production. Using Holz-Her’s unique automatic tool changer, which rotates the tool to create the Clamex-P pocket on all four edges and ultimately facilitates the Lamello fixings, the software automatically positions the depth and thickness of the connection according to parametrically-defined rules from a fully-customisable fitting library. 

Teamed with SolidWorks and SWOOD Design software, Lamello's CNC connectors have been easily integrated into Robert's production

Robert says: “The relationship between the CNC, software and Lamello’s connectors is seamless and has simplified the whole P-System cutting process. It is easy to insert different connectors into our designs using a simple drag and drop function, it’s quick to edit the parametric rules if required and the CNC machines the panel, ready for the fixings to be inserted and the furniture to be assembled on-site. It’s a perfect three-way partnership and, thanks to the software’s 3D modelling of the whole process, it’s a great sales tool.” 

Robert adds, “We now use Lamello’s fixings on every project we work on and since it has been integrated into our machining processes, it’s offered us a simple, fast and strong drilling and insertion process with huge time-saving benefits. Aside from this, for me, it’s the versatility of the product that adds value and sets it apart. There really isn’t anything better on the market and the quality of the finished product speaks for itself. It’s because of this that Lamello is our connector specialist of choice.” 

For more information on the Lamello P-System visit the Lamello website. To book a demonstration on a Holz-Her CNC, call 01235 557600.