A manufacturer in Kent has purchased a new woodwaste heater from Wood Waste Technology to save money on waste disposal and heating. 

Cribbit Kitchens & Interiors in Ashford specialises in the manufacture and supply of kitchen, bedroom, bespoke storage and furniture products.

Chris Fairbairn, MD at Cribbit Kitchens & Interiors, started to do some research into purchasing a woodwaste heater, realising it could save the company money on waste disposal while providing free heating for his 2000ft² workshop. 

Chris started talking to Kurt Cockroft, MD at Wood Waste Technology, about woodwaste burner options, and decided that a WT5, with its double-pass heater exchange, would be the best option for his company.

However, it was his purchase of a new edgebander for the workshop that prompted him to place the order. Chris explains: “When the new edgebander was delivered, I was informed that it worked best in a warm room, not lower than 12°C. At the time, there was no heating in the factory, so it gave me the incentive I needed to order the woodwaste heater I’d been considering! 

“It was an easy decision to make, as the business generates quite a lot of waste wood, including chipboard and MDF, in addition to the delivery pallets that we always needed to dispose of. Once I crunched the numbers, investing in a woodwaste heater just made sense, as there was a good return on investment.”

The heater was installed into Cribbit Kitchen & Interiors manufacturing unit by Wood Waste Technology’s experienced engineers, who also fitted a summer heat dump to allow the woodwaste heater to be used throughout the year, by sending the heat to atmosphere in the summer months.

With a full refractory lined firebox and highly efficient double pass heat exchange with fully welded heat recovery fins, the WT5 producing over 150,000btu/hr is the ideal heater for a workshop up to around 4000ft²

Chris says: “In hindsight, having now experienced life with a woodwaste heater, I wish I’d ordered one sooner! The heater makes the workshop lovely and warm, and I’m saving hundreds of pounds each month on waste disposal bills. In fact, the return on investment in the woodwaste heater was actually quicker than anticipated, so I’m really pleased we took the plunge and invested when we did. 

“In addition, being able to instantly dispose of the waste helps keep the workshop tidier, rather than us having to store all the waste wood until it could be disposed of. The whole process has been hassle-free, from getting a quote to the installation and delivery. We would highly recommend the products and team at Wood Waste Technology!”

Kurt says: “Whatever the primary reason for purchase – heat or waste disposal – a woodwaste heater is a cost-effective and productive solution for companies that generate waste wood, and some companies get payback on the investment in less than 12 months.” 

Wood Waste Technology’s years of expertise in woodwaste solutions have helped many companies reduce their waste disposal and heating costs. As well as offering site survey, design, manufacture, installation and ongoing maintenance for new units, the company also services all types of woodwaste heater, and supplies genuine spares up to 60% cheaper than other suppliers.

In addition, Wood Waste Technology is the UK official distributor for Gross Apparatebau, a German manufacturer of dependable, precision-engineered shredders and briquetters, available in various size and specifications to suit all business applications.

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