With cantilever racks individually adapted to the spatial conditions, Ohra realised a 33% higher storage capacity at the Spanish wood and hardware retailer Maderas Fanega – within the same storage area. The core of the new system is a row of racks with 1200mm long cantilever arms on one side and 1850mm long cantilever arms on the other. This asymmetry makes it possible to make the best possible use of the space in the existing building while maintaining the aisle width required for forklift trucks. 

Maderas Fanega has made a name for itself in the Castilla-La Mancha region with a comprehensive product range and a wide range of services. However, the continuously growing product portfolio required additional storage capacity. Maderas Fanega therefore decided to replace the existing racking system. The new racking should not only be higher, but also more precisely adapted to stored goods and the spatial conditions.

Maderas Fanega: 33% higher storage capacity – within the same storage area

Maderas Fanega has been using Ohra racks for decades. Once again, the company co-ordinated closely with Ohra to obtain a customised solution. This consisted of several racking runs, which fully utilise the building height with column heights up to 6010mm and six storage levels. The racking previously installed in the building, also Ohra cantilever racking, was modified and rebuilt in another area of the facility with a lower building height. 

With the new racking system, Ohra was able to achieve a high utilisation of space mainly because one run of racking was specially adapted to the number and dimensions of the wood packages stored at Maderas Fanega. 

This is because, in addition to boards measuring 2440 x 1220mm, the company also stores packages measuring 2850 x 2100mm. To equip all racks with the longer cantilever arms would have taken up too much space, especially since the range of articles in these dimensions is limited. Therefore, Ohra equipped only one side of a rack row with 1850mm long arms, but the other side with only 1200mm long arms. In order to ensure the stability of the racking despite this asymmetry, the uprights were oversized accordingly.

This unusual design allowed Maderas Fanega to make the best possible use of the space without restricting the freedom of movement for the forklift trucks. Overall, the warehouse now offers 33% more storage capacity saving Maderas Fanega from having to build a new warehouse. 

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