Russian furniture giant Lerom relies on a Weima ZM 40 four-shaft shredder to process more than 20 cubic meters of wood waste from production every day. 

In 1997 the first piece of furniture was sold under the Lerom brand. Over the past 20 years, the furniture factory has grown to become one of the largest Russian furniture manufacturers. On more than 100,000m2, 1100 employees design, plan, build and package the high-quality furniture pieces in Sarechny. The product range includes modular furniture for living rooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms. The quality brand is known not only in all regions of Russia, but also in surrounding countries. 

ZM 40 shredder in the Lerom production halls

20m3 of wood waste per day 

Every day, Lerom produces more than 20 cubic meters of wood waste. Not only does this take up valuable storage space, it also poses a fire safety risk and is extremely costly to dispose of. Together with its Russian partner SWEMA, Weima was able to offer a space-saving, efficient solution. 

In 2020, a Weima ZM 40 four-shaft shredder was added to the furniture factory’s machinery. The shredder is used in three-shift operation almost around the clock and shreds more than seven cubic meters of wood waste per shift, including long and bulky sections of particleboard, MDF and fiberboard, but also solid wood scraps. 

Simple operation of the four-shaft shredder via Siemens PLC control system 

Weima ZM 40: Efficient shredding of bulky materials 

The material is fed by hand via the generously sized material feed hopper. The wood waste is shredded between the two cutting shafts and pushed through the cutting gap by two clearing shafts. The screen placed underneath defines the grain size of the shredded material. 

Two powerful electric motors drive the four shafts. Due to the slow speed of approximately 25rpm, an extremely high torque is developed. This enables a high throughput rate with low power consumption. The furniture company is particularly enthusiastic about the simple operation via Siemens PLC control, the high reliability of the shredder, and the high throughput. 

Long and bulky wood scraps from particleboard, MDF and fiberboard, but also solid wood cuttings end up in the hopper of the ZM 40 shredder

aving heating costs with wood waste 

The wood chips are then transported to the central chip bunker via an exhaust system. During the long, cold months, the shredded wood waste serves as fuel for a wood chip heating system that heats the production rooms. The new recycling system enables significant cost savings, not only in waste disposal but also in heating the premises. 

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