For more than twenty years, the CAD/CAM/CIM technology specialists at Microvellum have been dedicated to improving efficiencies and expanding capabilities for woodworkers utilising their highly customisable, AutoCAD-based software.

The open architecture platform has been developed to optimise the workflows between estima tors, designers, drafters, engineers, and production teams, reducing redundancies and maximising efficiencies for wood product manufacturing. 2D and 3D architectural drawings created with the system include embedded production data, allowing for the seamless creation of manufacturing reports and programs for automated machinery.

When Martek, a professional joinery and fit-out contractor based in Croydon, was asked about how Microvellum has streamlined their design workflows, managing director, Derek Galloway, commented: “We work with a lot of architects. The fact that Microvellum is essentially an extension of AutoCAD provides us with a seamless transition from the design and approval stage, right into to the production stage of a project.”

Typical users of Microvellum’s software include companies producing architectural joinery, residential cabinetry including kitchens, bathrooms, and bedroom furniture, as well as commercial interior fitouts for office, hospitality, education, and healthcare environments.

John Fallowfield, owner of Shopfit UK and MIPOD Solutions, recently said this about their experience using the system, “With Microvellum, we have the power to design and engineer what we want, and how our clients want it built. It has equipped us with the confidence to tackle any project, in any market, no matter the complexity.”

The platform includes built-in toolsets and algorithms that can help eliminate the need for secondary CAM software for part programming, tool pathing, scrap management, part labelling and other related manufacturing activities.

When asked about how Microvellum impacted their business, representatives from Unitech Oxon, a family run kitchen and bedroom furniture manufacturer based out of Banbury, said, “Implementing Microvellum was a game changer. Not only did it help us provide more flexible options for our customers, but it also helped move us into the future of manufacturing where everything is centralised and connected. We can make changes to any product and with the click of a button, our production team has the updated CNC code, drawings, and reports.”

The Microvellum team is comprised of individuals with deep roots in the wood industry. Many of whom have extensive woodworking experience and are former end-users of the software. They are dedicated to equipping people with the tools and knowledge to streamline the way they work.

Scott Purdom, owner of Lamin8 Scotland and Robert Sinclair Interiors, a Scotland-based manufacturer focused on residential and commercial products, had this to say about their integration of the software:

“Microvellum has changed the way we do business. Their staff in the UK have not only assisted us to get the best out of our software and machinery but their extensive knowledge of manufacturing has also helped us to streamline our operations, enabling us to be more professional and efficient”.

Microvellum is headquartered in Oregon, USA, and is proud to currently boast over 6000 users worldwide with the majority located in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States. The company’s expansion into the UK market with support, service, and sales teams started in the Spring of 2020 and continues to be a primary target for the company’s growth plan.

“As an end-user of the software for over 15 years, I have experienced the transformational impact of Microvellum. If you’re looking for new ways to maximise your efficiencies and grow, you need to consider what a Microvellum solution can do for your business.” concluded Daniel Mesecke, UK Account Manager at Microvellum.

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