A panel saw is a basic machine that everybody working within the woodworking industry would need in their workshop to convert various panel products.

The classic panel saw is the sliding table panel saw, with a wide work table and large footprint. The vertical panel saw – or wall saw – has become very popular, too, as an alternative to the traditional sliding table panel saw.

This article examines the main advantages to customers considering the vertical panel saw from the Wadkin Bursgreen team’s perspective.

What is a vertical panel saw?

The vertical panel saw, or wall saw as it is better known, has long been a valuable space-saving option for space-starved workshops. The panel to be cut remains static throughout and the saw head and saw beam travel vertically or horizontally to perform the cut with ease.

The advantages of a vertical panel saw

Space saved is one of the biggest benefits. At under 7 sq m, the wall saw compares well to a 3.2m sliding table saw which uses 35m2 of valuable floor space. There are a lot of workshops with restrictive space and these vertical saws help them a lot.

Operation is another huge benefit. Generally, a one-man operator can work perfectly on their own. Cutting and loading this type of machine is easy for the operator and the heavy-duty construction ensures they are very accurate.

If the operator needs assistance loading the machine with large heavy sheets, this can still be achieved with another person or with the purchase of a vacuum board lifter which helps with health and safety issues and lessens damage to the product and machine. There will be less stress on the operator as they will move the saw head not the heavy, awkward sheet.

Another benefit is the cost of this machine. Sometimes, for the size that you can cut on a vertical panel saw, they are cheaper than some panel saws of the same size. Wadkin Bursgreen wanted to provide a very good quality wall saw for its customers, with the best Wadkin Bursgreen tradition, but keeping it at an affordable price. The premium and standard machines are very competitive with the company’s competitors.

Though more of a consideration than a direct benefit, the Wadkin Bursgreen team feels that it makes sense for customers looking for a wall saw to consider the delivery and installation of the machine. In their view, it is vital that the company from whom you buy a saw offers you a complete service; it is important that skilled engineers install your machine.

Wadkin Bursgreen has Wadkin Bursgreen vertical saws and sliding table panel saws in stock.