In today’s marketplace, furniture manufacture and wooden panel structure construction are no longer feasible without high-performance logistics and reliable production technology. Homag’s material storage, sorting and collating technology is specifically designed to optimise logistical production processes, efficiencies and safety, while reducing manual labour costs.

Affordable automated storage systems

Homag Storeteq automated horizontal storage systems improve material flow and stock control. They are an affordable solution for both the craftsman with a small storage area, and larger industrial manufacturers which operate multi-storey horizontal storage. The systems are suitable for all types of panel storage applications, and can increase productivity by up to +40%, states Homag.

The systems are designed to work in conjunction with other Homag machinery or as standalone systems. When used with other machines such as a beam saw and/or a nesting CNC machining centre, the intelligent horizontal storage systems create efficient work cells.

The Storeteq systems consistently keep track of panel stock levels and the space required to store them. They can also create rainbow stacks on demand. Storeteq systems ensure that the correct panel and panel quantity is safely delivered to the required machine at precisely the right moment.

Transportation and storage systems for construction industries

The Homag Stockteq series offers a wide range of options for transporting and storing large panel components for construction companies. The Stockteq systems can be individually adapted to suit different storage facility sizes and capacities.

The systems also provide the ideal supporting structure and technology for finishing work. For instance, exterior plaster can easily be applied to wall panels and, with the help of purpose-built window vacuum lifters, windows can be fitted to wall panels.

Robotic sorting and collating to enhance productivity

Material flow is optimised and storage space is maximised with the aid of Homag’s Sortbot R-300 robotic sorting cell. The robotic sorting cell automatically tracks, sorts and feeds flat-panel workpieces.

To enable variable storing capacity, the robot sorts panel workpieces flexibly into different compartments. With the incorporation of gentle gripping, the technology also delivers energy-saving efficiency.  The Sortbot R-300 provides a reliable solution for buffering and decoupling.

Feed and stacking systems for material handling with high process stability

Production chains use various feed and stacking systems. Homag Feedteq feed systems split stacks of material into individual panels. The Stockteq stacking systems then puts these individual panels together to form a material stack (package of panels).

Homag offers single- and double-sided feed and stacking systems that are compatible with all machines in the throughfeed area. They are ideal for continuous feed and stacking for applications including edge systems and drilling lines. The Homag drive technology in the systems enables the panels to be automatically transported to the next processing step while protecting the panels’ sensitive edges and surfaces.

The high-performance feed and stacking systems facilitate transparent and highly flexible logistics for the entire production process. Their premium-quality German engineering ensures that they are extremely robust, requiring very little maintenance, and this guarantees a particularly long lifespan.

To summarise, the key advantages Homag feed and stacking systems deliver to boost production momentum and safety include: increased overall system performance; failsafe production; material quality preservation; minimised transport times; a high level of process safety; cost-cutting and process stability due to intelligent material flow; material handling optimisation; reduction in space needs for material transport; and a higher performance ratio, due to the optimal utilisation of all machines in the linked production process.

For a demonstration or more information on Homag’s storing, sorting and collating solutions, contact Adele Hunt at Homag UK on 01332 856424.