Lincframe Roof Trusses discusses the many benefits of the Salvador SuperUp 500 crosscut saw from sole distributor, Daltons Wadkin.

Lincframe Roof Trusses is a family-run business now in its 35th year of manufacturing and designing high quality roof trusses, metal web floor joists, spandrel panels and more. Furniture & Joinery Production caught up with Luke Holmes and his team in Lincoln, a year on from investing in a Salvador SuperUp 500 crosscut saw from sole UK supplier, Daltons Wadkin.

Following a full year of operational use, Luke has noticed several benefits the Salvador has brought to the business. “We consistently get 90-degree plum cuts, it doesn’t snag and also the operator is happier using it,” he says. “It’s a good piece of equipment. When you invest in the right equipment your productivity goes up, your staff are happier, they see it has potential and they want to exploit that and the safety features are key to it”.

The SuperUp 500 is the all new and updated semi-automatic crosscut saw from specialist Italian manufacturer, Salvador. With safe two-handed operation, high speed saw, secure top clamping pressure and optional retractable front operator guard, the SuperUp 500 has proven its reliability and ease of use across a range of industrial applications. 

Luke explained how easy he and his team have found working with the Salvador SuperUp500. “The build quality and the efficiency of it, other products didn’t have the nice clean clamping situation, where you can clamp a piece of timber really small, that’s what really set it above the rest,” he says. “It’s easy! Very easy to use, very straight forward, there’s nothing to it.”

Lincframe prides itself on being an approachable family-run business which puts its customers first, delivering a quality product to its growing customer base. Luke concludes, “Daltons were very good to deal with. They reminded us a lot of ourselves and what we base our company on – being approachable, being easy to contact. Any problems we had, they addressed it. They were straight forward and a good company to use”.

Daltons Wadkin is the sole distributor for the Salvador range of crosscut saws, with hundreds of machines installed across the UK and Ireland.

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