By switching from floor storage to storage in OHRA cantilever racks, Polish timber trading company, Abies Polska, was able to increase the efficiency in its outdoor logistics processes by 30 percent. In addition, the wooden goods stored in eight rows of racks – at around 26 metres long – are now protected from the weather thanks to the integrated roof and clad walls.

Efficiency slowed down

Abies Polska is a specialist in the trade of KVH and BSH timber. Until now, the timber packages and individual battens up to 13.5m long were stored outside on the floor at the company headquarters in Pszów. But moisture and dirt repeatedly caused damage to the timber. Above all, however, insufficient capacity and the high time required to access the articles slowed down efficiency in the logistics processes and made it difficult to pick individual orders. 

Racking forms independent building

Abies Polska therefore decided to replace the floor storage with cantilever racking. OHRA supplied a total of eight racks, each equipped with six storage levels. The top level is located at a height of 5m – thus the existing floor space of the outdoor storage can be utilised much more effectively.

The racks each carry a roof projecting 2.7m on either side and are arranged so that the roofs overlap. Additional protection is provided by a cladding of the outer walls, which was done with high-quality sheet metal due to the specifications of the building authority. In this way, the racking system forms an independent, high-quality building.

Flexible rack construction

Using a forklift, individual items can now be accessed quickly and directly. The guide rail at the cantilever base facilitates manoeuvring between the racks. Thanks to the freely suspended cantilever arms, the height of the individual storage levels can be adjusted to different package sizes very quickly and without tools.

Processes 30 percent more efficient

Eight 26-metre-long racks with integrated roofs form an independent building. Today, time-consuming relocation when accessing individual articles is no longer necessary with the new racking system. Abies Polska was able to increase the storage capacity by 20 percent on the same floor space. In addition, damage to stored goods – also due to weather protection – could be reduced by 70 percent.