Exorna's HOMAG EDGETEQ S-500 edge bander

Established in 1980 in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, Exorna Kitchens & Bedrooms has recently invested in three new HOMAG woodworking machines – a DRILLTEQ H-600 CNC processing centre, a SAWTEQ B-300 beam saw and an EDGETEQ S-500 with XES 200 glue unit station and boomerang return system. These latest additions to the company’s plant list take its total number of HOMAG machines to eleven.

“We’ve been investing in HOMAG machinery and software since the early 1990s,” explains Exorna Kitchen’s director, Andy Oliver. He continues, “Not only has it proved to be the most technically advanced and reliable machinery we’ve ever had, but it is all controlled using the same intuitive woodWOP software. That’s a real benefit for our operatives who can quickly adapt to and use the different machines because of the woodWOP software commonality.

“Over the years, we established an extremely strong relationship with Derek Reid from Electro-Tech Machinery who represents HOMAG here in Northern Ireland. Derek’s knowledge of both HOMAG equipment and our own business means he can help us identify the exact machinery for our needs, each with precisely the right specification of options.

“Our latest EDGETEQ S-500 is a case in point. We were looking for an edge bander that would increase our output capacity whilst at the same time enable us to take advantage of the benefits of PUR glue. PUR provides an almost invisible glue line between the panel and the edge tape; it is also much more resistant to moisture and has higher thermal resistance properties, so it’s ideal to use in the  manufacturing of kitchen cabinets and work surfaces.”

The only issue with PUR glue is that there can be challenges involved in processing, particularly if there are extended interruptions to work, such as overnight or over the weekend, when the glue can go off.

To avoid this Derek Reid recommended Exorna invest in the HOMAG XES 200 glue station which provides several benefits as Reid explains: “It’s a compact little unit with a footprint of less than 1m2. The XES 200 stores the glue application units in a vacuum; this delays the bonding time so that the PUR glue does not harden.

“After a production interruption, it then pre-heats the glue application unit to minimise downtime before use. Also, cleaning or glue change can be done automatically without interrupting production on the edge banding machine.

“These production benefits were really important for Exorna because one of the key performance requirements for the new edge bander was to significantly increase output capacity and quality. The XES 200 glue unit, along with the boomerang return system for the EDGETEQ were vital components in helping them achieve this.”

The DRILLTEQ H-600 has increased output three and a half times for Exorna

Replacing aging machinery and increasing capacity

Exorna invested in the HOMAG DRILLTEQ H-600 CNC processing centre as a replacement for an aging Italian CNC and it has had a big impact on production as Andy Oliver enthuses: “The HOMAG DRILLTEQ has been a huge success, increasing production capacity by about three and a half times. What’s more the accuracy and quality of processed pieces are superb.

“The addition of the new HOMAG SAWTEQ B-300 panel dividing saw means we now have three saws in the business. As well as increasing our cutting capacity, its extremely rugged pressure beam means we consistently achieve first-class cutting quality. The SAWTEQ B-300 also has a very compact footprint for such a high performance saw, so it was relatively easy to plan into our facility.

“Another benefit with HOMAG equipment is the way it holds its value; this is probably more important to us than return on investment. As a business, we depreciate all our machinery using a 20 % reducing balance method and when we sell the HOMAG machinery it is always worth far more than the book value would suggest.

“Replacing ageing machinery also has an impact on energy consumption. All the latest HOMAG machines have been engineered to minimise the use of power. Given the way energy costs have risen this year and are predicted to continue to rise, the energy efficient running of the HOMAG machines definitely has a positive financial benefit to Exorna.”

Local service from the global brand leader

“Finally, one of the most important factors for us in selecting a machinery supplier is the local service levels they provide. It is vital that any supplier has a first-class local service set up so we are never left in a situation were our machines are out of action for long periods. The service HOMAG offers in Northern Ireland via Derek Reid and Electro-Tech Machinery is first-class, and one we can always rely on for help whenever it is needed,” concludes Andy Oliver.

For a demonstration or further information on HOMAG woodworking machinery or software, contact Adele Hunt at HOMAG UK on 01332 856424 or email info-uk@homag.com.