UK Insulations Ltd, a Lancashire business that supplies electrical insulation materials and flexible films, has purchased a wood waste heater from Wood Waste Technology to save money on heating bills.

UKi was founded in 1997 and has become an industry leader in its marketplace. The business had always relied on gas heaters to warm its factory in Belthorn on cold winter days, until it hit a snag when it found out it needed to spend £25,000 to upgrade its gas supply, or find an alternative option.

Director, Cliff Hartshorn decided to look into some alternative options, including finding out more about the wood waste heaters that he’d been hearing positive reviews on, so he contacted Wood Waste Technology.

Cliff says: “Once I found out more about wood waste heaters, investing in one seemed the obvious solution to help us reduce our reliance on gas and get free heating to keep our 35 employees warm. Although we don’t generate much wood waste internally, we calculated that we’d still save money even if we ended up buying in some wood to burn! We’d have had no return on the investment if we’d have chosen the £25,000 gas-pipe upgrade route, but we’ll start to get an instant return from the wood waste heater because of the money it will be saving the business on heating!”

Following a site survey and review, a WT10 heater was purchased and installed earlier this year by Wood Waste Technology’s experienced engineers.

Cliff says: “We’ve been very impressed with the heater. Our 36,000 sq ft workshop is sectioned up into areas, and the engineers installed the wood waste heater in our small warehouse area, which works brilliantly as it heats the other areas too. Although we don’t manufacture with wood, so don’t have too much of our own wood to burn, it hasn’t been a problem. There are many broken pallets that we can use, and there’s plenty of wood available. We’re delighted to have reduced our reliance on gas for heating the factory, especially as the price of energy has increased so dramatically. We love how easy the wood waste heater is to use, and the on-going maintenance with it is so minimal. I just wish we’d bought one sooner!”

Kurt Cockroft, MD at Wood Waste Technology says: “Although most of our customers generate their own wood waste to burn, it’s great to hear that our heaters are still appealing to other businesses in industries that don’t predominantly deal in wood manufacturing, and can still save those businesses money.”

Wood Waste Technology’s years of expertise in wood waste solutions have helped many companies reduce their waste disposal and heating costs. As well as offering site survey, design, manufacture, installation and on-going maintenance for new units, the company also services all types of wood waste heaters and supplies genuine spares up to 60% cheaper than other suppliers.

In addition, Wood Waste Technology is the UK’s official distributor for Gross Apparatebau GmbH, a German manufacturer of dependable, precision engineered shredders and briquetters.  The company is also a distributor for Putzmaus boiler tube cleaning systems - a powerful but gentle routine maintenance solution that is quick and easy to use, and helps to increase boiler efficiency and lower operating costs.

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