Makor Fastdry Linear Tunnel Oven


Makor is a world leader in coating and finishing technologies. Its partnership with HOMAG UK has enabled it to broaden the reach of the Makor brand. For the woodworking industry, Makor offers a number of advanced and efficient technologies for the drying and polymerisation of all kinds of paint finishes on panels, profiles and windows.

From its Flexi Oven, created to dry water or solvent based coatings when longer permanence is required, to its Linear Dry Oven, ideal for drying waterborne paint when shorter drying times are needed, Makor’s drying solutions have been designed to meet the demands of each specific drying task.

Fast, efficient drying of panels

The latest addition to the Makor range of panel drying ovens is the vertical Flexi Oven. Developed to offer maximum flexibility both for drying and storing, different drying times and panel dimensions can be set for tray. The Flexi Oven has a load speed of up to 8m/min and a cycle time of 40 seconds.

Being a modular design, the Flexi Oven can be specified with 20 trays (4.2m high) or 50 trays (6.5m high). The tray lengths come in either 3.6m or 5.5m lengths and the oven can have up to three units in line.

The Makor Fastdry Linear Tunnel is ideal for the flash off and drying of varnished panels that require short-medium permanence time. The panel is exposed to a hot air flow moved by fans within a recirculating loop. This causes rapid evaporation, which enables quick drying of heat-sensitive materials without product degradation.

Designed to be versatile, The Fastdry Linear Tunnel is modular in construction with length options ranging from three to 30 metres. Numerous drying modules are available including laminar air (slow-speed air movement for initial flash-off, high-velocity air nozzles with hot or cooled air), TL (luminescent tubes), IR (infrared), NIR (near infrared) and UV (ultraviolet) lamps.

The Makor Multilevel Compact Drying Oven is perfect for small or fully automatic lines. Technically advanced ventilation systems enable short drying times for fast reticulation paints, flashing off paints before UV curing or drying glues to subsequently veneer panels. The oven has six overlapped belted trays housed in a highly insulated chamber and, with a minimal footprint, it is a compact drying and storing solution.

The Multidry 90 Vertical Oven is Makor’s high performance model. It is designed to dry water or solvent based coatings that require medium to long drying times. Particular attention has been made to the structural design of bar-trays; this ensures maximum load capacity, thus optimising the oven’s performance in terms of durability and stability. Its modular design allows for working widths of 1300 mm or 1600mm, with bar trays (3600-5500 mm) or belt trays (5500-7000 mm).

Makor Ultradry 2 Lamps

The Ultradry 1+2 is a UV-drying oven for ultra-fast drying. It instantly dries mono and bi-component UV paints, clear and pigmented, matt or gloss. This modular oven can be specified with one to three lamps.

Commenting on the latest drying technologies from Makor, Simon Brooks, managing director of HOMAG UK stated: “Makor has been designing and manufacturing drying ovens and systems for painting lines for more than 50 years.

“The company’s latest technologies demonstrate Makor’s commitment to providing customers with some of the most advanced and efficient coating and finishing solutions on the market.

“Whether you need to dry coatings on panels or profiles, Makor has the answer. Its drying solutions can be standalone ovens or complete automated finishing cells that include sanding, spray finishing or painting and drying.”

For a demonstration or more information on the Makor range of drying technologies for panels or profiles, contact Adele Hunt at HOMAG UK on 01332 856424.