The entry level SAWTEQ B-200 - now available with an automatic lifting table


Located in Farnworth, Lancashire, Starlight Bedrooms is a family run business which was established more than 40 years ago. The foundation of the business is built on a strong reputation for quality, innovative design and great customer service.

“We’re proud of our reputation for premium quality bedroom furniture,” explains Rob Barrows-Langford, CEO at Starlight Bedrooms. He continues, “A key factor in our success has been our investment in state-of-the-art machinery which ensures we maintain a really high-quality finish to all our products.

“The company’s latest machine acquisition is no exception. It replaces an aging beam saw which was almost 20 years old and starting to cause us production issues. The new saw had to fit in a tight space where the old saw used to be sited, and so the footprint of the replacement saw had to be compact.

“To be honest, we didn’t look at any alternative manufacturers other than HOMAG because in our opinion they are the best brand out there. We simply called up Jon Lawman, our HOMAG area manager, and explained to him what we wanted the saw to do and the size parameters it had to meet. Jon then went away to consider the options and came back to us with recommendations.”

HOMAG SAWTEQ B-200 – power, precision and flexibility

“His pick of the SAWTEQ B-200 came as no surprise to us, but Jon also recommended we opted for the Power Concept in combination with intelliGuide Classic. At the heart of the Power Concept technology is a clamp that can be moved separately. Using this clamp, two panels with different cross cuts can be cut to length together; this feature can increase output up to 30 percent. With the Power Concept Classic option, you automatically receive a wider version of the first air cushion table and the saw is equipped with another start-stop key on the second air cushion table.

Power Concept Classic

“The innovative intelliGuide assistance system is a real benefit to the machine operator. With the help of LED light signals at the cutting line, it enables faster, more accurate workpiece throughput.

“The saw itself is an updated version of our previous model, so we knew exactly what we were getting. When Jon explained the benefits of the Power Concept and intelliGuide, I felt they were well worth the extra investment.”

A robust, reliable beam saw

”Brad, the installation engineer from HOMAG was absolutely brilliant. Once he had the SAWTEQ B-200 up and running he trained our staff. Because they were very familiar with the previous saw, Brad was able to get them up to speed on the B-200 very quickly. A few icons had changed, but apart from that it was relatively easy.

“Since going live, the saw is probably saving us about an hour a day. It is totally reliable which is vitally important for our business. Without the saw in operation, our production comes to a standstill, something we simply can’t afford to happen.

“In terms of return on investment, it is already paying for itself on reliability alone. When you factor in the improved finish quality, accuracy and speed of the SAWTEQ B-200, the benefits are clear to see,” concludes Barrows-Langford.

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