AJB Group’s mitred doors are impressive, thanks in no small part to the outstanding quality of the Hoffmann machines


AJB Group specialises in the design and manufacture of high-quality internal joinery, external doorsets, windows, composite doors and mouldings. Established in 1999, the company provides a high calibre service for residential, commercial renovations and new-build developments of all sizes.

AJB’s talented youthful workforce are like a breath of fresh air bringing life into their product range and they believe this is where timber meets perfection’. They continue to strive forward with modern methods of manufacturing combined with advance technology which creates the hub to their success.

In the woodworking industry the mitred corner has always been recognised as a sign of high value and quality, especially in door production. The joints, when finished using the Hoffmann Key offer strength, durability and stability whilst the process of production offers simplicity and speed. AJB found all of these attributes in both the Hoffmann MS40 SF Double Mitre Saw and the Hoffmann PP2-H-DB Pneumatic Dovetail Routing and Dowel Boring Machine. The perfect combination in the fabrication of AJB Group’s impressive doorframes.

The Hoffmann MS40 SF double mitre saw

The Hoffmann MS40 SF double mitre saw is designed to simultaneously cut one left and one right hand mitre with each machining cycle. Accurate, repeatable mitre cuts are achieved in a variety of materials, including hard and softwoods, wood related materials (MDF, plywood, particleboard), plastics and non-ferrous metals such as aluminium.

The heavy-duty design of the saw heads and precision machined components as well as the use of industrial quality carbide tipped saw blades assures perfect cuts with no burrs or tear out. The ideal double mitre saw for small and large shops when accurate and efficient mitre cutting is required.

The Hoffmann PP2-H-DB Pneumatic Dovetail Routing and Dowel Boring Machine

The Hoffmann PP2-H-DB Pneumatic Dovetail Routing and Dowel Boring Machine is a free-standing version specifically designed for mitred corner production. The machine cycle begins by pressing the foot pedal. The work piece is clamped pneumatically and the unit’s router the dovetail slots and drill the dowel holes. The work piece is then released. The joint is completed using Dowels and Hoffmann Keys W1/2/3/4.

Extensive development has been AJB’s footprint to becoming a manufacturer of the highest quality in modern and traditional joinery. They have designed a product range that not only satisfies the performance and technical criteria of today’s industry but exceeds all expectations.

“We focus our attention on engineering timber and timber like products to the highest possible degree and then take it one step further. We take a raw material and engineer out all of its natural defects to provide our client with the very best in carpentry and joinery. With intelligent in-house designs, accurate estimating, a state-of-the-art production facility, we can deliver success without any hesitation,” Amarjit Binji, AJB Group

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