With branches at Whitehaven, Workington and Barrow, Jacksons Timber is a leading independent timber merchant based in Cumbria. As well as operating as a dedicated roof truss and joist engineering plant, the company stocks an extensive range of timber and joinery supplies, and over many years has earned an excellent reputation for providing customers with quality products and service.

Stromab MXA automatic crosscut saw with 14m infeed capacity

After the recent delivery and successful installation of a new Stromab MXA automatic crosscut saw from JJ Smith, Jacksons has already seen a significant rise in production thanks to the impressive 14m infeed cutting capacity, as well as the latest generation of optimisation software.

Prior to the installation of the new Stromab automatic saw, the company had been using traditional manual cutting methods that were leading to inconsistencies and excessive amounts of waste offcuts. Additionally, manually operated crosscut saws are very labour intensive and the poor productivity levels they create can cause production bottlenecks further down the line.

To address these challenges and make way for an increase in production, company director Daniel Mossop contacted JJ Smith for help and advice. Following detailed discussions with its crosscutting sales manager, Kevin McGlone, it was clear that the Stromab MXA automatic crosscut saw with a 14m infeed capacity would be the best solution.

One of the Stromab’s key features lies in its on-board programming and optimisation capabilities. Operators now have the flexibility to either input cutting lists directly onto the saw or download cutting lists from the office via JJ Smith’s Design2Saw pre-optimisation/conversion software. This seamless integration has streamlined processes, reduced inconsistencies and elevated product quality.

“For Jacksons Timber, the Stromab saw is more than just a machine; it’s a catalyst for progress, not only enhancing efficiency but paving the way for precision, productivity and growth”

Precise cutting capabilities

Advanced technology ensures accurate and consistent cuts with minimal human intervention, which significantly reduces waste. The heavy-duty automatic push feed system allows for continuous operation, slashing lead times and allowing faster order fulfilment, all of which help Jacksons provide its customers with the best possible service.

Moreover, the company has been able to optimise its workforce by redirecting labour from manual cutting tasks to value-added ones, such as quality control and packaging, thus amplifying overall productivity.

“The installation of the Stromab automatic crosscut saw has been a game-changer for us,” says Daniel. “The team at JJ Smith took the time to understand our needs and provided us with the necessary machinery capable of handling our requirements, with a 14m infeed capacity which has revolutionised operations.”

A catalyst for progress

“For Jacksons Timber, the Stromab saw is more than just a machine; it’s a catalyst for progress, not only enhancing efficiency but paving the way for precision, productivity and growth,” says Daniel.

Kevin McGlone concludes: “With over 300 successful installations to date it’s no surprise that the Stromab range of automatic crosscut saws is the number one choice for timber suppliers, joinery, furniture timber frame housing and garden product manufacturers throughout the UK and Ireland.”

Most Stromab models are available for demonstration at JJ Smith’s Liverpool showrooms and are available for quick delivery. Get in touch for further information and to discuss individual requirements. 

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