DGM Joinery is a traditional and bespoke joinery business based in Kings Lynn, offering its services locally and across the Norfolk coastline. DGM Joinery produces an extensive range of products, including furniture, bespoke pieces, architectural moulding, conservation work and, now, products from the Lignum range of timber doors and windows. 

Founded in 1981, DGM now operates out of a recently expanded workshop on Linden Road. The workshop contains a variety of machinery, but DGM is renowned for its spindle moulding abilities.

DGM Joinery became an affiliate of The Joinery Network mid-2021 and, since being involved with the network, has expanded its capabilities and business. The company has been using the Lignum system, alongside tooling from Leitz.

Leitz Tooling is a founding member of The Joinery Network and provides tooling and technical support to members and affiliates. The Joinery Network was established in 2018 to help UK manufacturers of timber doors and windows get into the market by reducing start-up costs by at least 65%. The network also lowers barriers to entry, as manufacturers using the tooling system inherit both required and coveted certifications, such as energy efficiency ratings, suitability for new and restoration builds or the UK Police’s Secure by Design accreditation.

The Joinery Network brings together leading organisations and specialists from the market with the know-how, advice, products and services to help you move your business forward. From drawings to process optimisation, The Joinery Network enables joiners to produce high-quality Lignum products and bespoke joinery at no cost to quality.

Having manufactured Lignum products since 2021, DGM directors Shawn and Gary open up about how the network has impacted their business operations and growth.

“The main benefit of becoming an affiliate has to be that the Lignum products have opened up the new build market for us and enhanced our business,” they explain. “We can now offer a full product range to new builds where previously we could not. Additionally, The Joinery Network has doubtless helped us technically. The drawings provided from the network have seriously improved our lead time for Lignum style products”.

The cost involved in testing joinery products to PAS:24 quality has major financial and logistical implications for most small joinery firms. For many, it is simply unrealistic to test their products to consistently changing regulations. 

However, joinery companies not following the current regulations may find that their demand decreases alongside new and more restrictive legislation.

As a traditional joinery company, DGM has always put its quality policy above all else. Despite moving from traditional joinery with its own DGM line, DGM is able to maintain its exacting standards with the Lignum products. 

“We feel confident that we can manufacture these new Lignum products to the same high quality our customers have grown to expect and keep in line with our policies,” said Shawn and Gary. “We don’t have to check it; we know it’s right. The major thing for us is complete confidence in the tooling”.

The DGM directors also reflected on the network itself: “The support from the network is great, these are all companies from whom you can ask questions and receive help and technical support. What surprised us is that people from the network call to check up and make sure things are running smoothly”.

Thanks to innovative solutions from Leitz Tooling, DGM has reduced its set-up times drastically and improved its cycle times for new build projects. “It is definitely quicker replacing blocks and not worrying about fences and heights,” said Shawn and Gary. “Having the tooling all set to the same radius is far easier and means we don’t have to worry about it. For part Q products, our cycle time has also come down significantly. We can produce a lot of windows and doors, faster than we can produce our traditional or bespoke joinery. It has also led to a much faster process of preparing our work for painting as we have no need to sand joints thanks to the Lignum jointing system.

“We have used Leitz Tooling since before we joined the network. We trust Leitz for tooling that is in continuous use because we noticed the cutters tend to last much longer, especially after switching over from HSS tools to carbide. We also appreciate the disposable tip system – this approach has saved us time and a lot of money.” GDM also uses Leitz servicing to ensure the longevity and performance of its tools.

Finally, the directors from DGM discuss how manufacturing Lignum products has become crucial for joinery companies, given the massive shortage of experienced and skilled labour in the job market. “Non-skilled bench workers and joiners can be easily trained to manufacture Lignum products,” they explain. “We are a lot more confident offering Lignum products to replace many traditional windows, there is much less risk compared to traditional joinery thanks to all the certifications and accreditations.”

DGM Joinery has experienced significant benefits by becoming an affiliate of The Joinery Network and adopting the Lignum tooling system. The company has expanded its product offering, improved its manufacturing efficiency, and reduced its reliance on skilled labour. The Lignum system has also helped DGM Joinery to achieve PAS:24 amongst other certifications, which is essential for competing in the new build market. Overall, DGM Joinery is a perfect example of how The Joinery Network and Leitz Tooling can help joinery companies grow and succeed.

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