Atlas Washroom Systems has been a HOMAG customer for over 20 years. Its most recent investment, a DRILLTEQ V-200 CNC router, underlines why the company remains faithful to the brand.

“The HOMAG DRILLTEQ has revolutionised our drilling and routing operations,” enthuses John McCormick, production manager at Atlas Washroom Systems. “Not only is it incredibly fast, but it is also flexible, accurate and very easy to use.

“Previously, we had an old-style drilling rig which was slow, not very flexible, and didn’t deliver the accuracy our customers rightly expect. It was like something out of the dark ages, and it was holding the company back.”

The selection process

“Normally, when we invest in a new piece of equipment, we look at what the market has to offer before making a final decision. In this instance, however, as soon as we saw the DRILLTEQ V-200 in operation, we knew almost immediately that it was the machine we were looking for. 

“We began our search by reviewing the information on the HOMAG website and watching a video of the V-200. We then arranged to travel down to Castle Donington to see the machine in action. They say, ‘seeing is believing’ and that certainly was the case for us. 

“Not only is the V-200 technically advanced, but it also has a simple user interface which practically anybody can understand and use. So the decision to order the machine was not made out of loyalty to HOMAG or even on price, we were just so impressed with its performance, accuracy and capabilities.”

Knowledgeable advice and first-class organisation

“Alan Betteridge, our HOMAG representative, was really helpful with the purchasing process. We explained exactly what we needed the new drilling machine to do and he came back with a couple of alternative specifications.

“His recommendations were spot-on and we took his advice, settling on the DRILLTEQ V-200. Once the order was placed, HOMAG kept us informed of the progress and provided detailed information for the installation process.

“There were a couple of very minor issues, but the great thing is HOMAG sorted them out immediately. The machine arrived on time and the installation engineers did a superb job commissioning it and training our team on how to operate the V-200 effectively and efficiently.

“In addition, I went down to Castle Donington for a couple of days of training which proved to be excellent. I was able to learn some new skills and to understand the scope of the machine fully. I can’t speak too highly of the training HOMAG provided.”

HOMAG UK – a team you can trust and rely on

“I’ve often been asked why we like dealing with HOMAG and to be honest, it is a very easy question to answer. The machines are robust, reliable and easy to operate; the people at HOMAG are amongst the best I have ever dealt with, and the company is extremely professional – everything is incredibly well organised.

“I think it would be safe to say that the DRILLTEQ V-200 will undoubtedly pay for itself within two years. Atlas Washrooms already works with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Galliford Try, McAlpine, Amazon and Pinewood Studios, the DRILLTEQ, however, will enable us to attract more new business and will be instrumental in increasing our turnover beyond £3 million,” concludes McCormick.

For further information or a demonstration of any of the HOMAG machinery and software, contact Adele Hunt at HOMAG UK on 01332 856424.