The latest storage, retrieval and panel dividing cell from HOMAG is designed to significantly increase production efficiency, offer layout flexibility and eliminate board damage. It is the ideal stepping stone into automation, managing board storage and providing a just in time machine feed system all within a small footprint.

“This new production cell can be laid out in various configurations,” enthuses Charles Smith, BU Dividing Product Manager at HOMAG UK. He continues, “Its versatility means it can be configured for installation in areas that are very limited by available floor space. 

“Because of its modular design, it has the capacity to be specified exactly to suit the needs of your business. The package includes a STORETEQ F-100 single-axis storage and retrieval system which feeds a SAWTEQ S-200 panel dividing beam saw. The STORETEQ features a gantry design frame with a moveable lifting device that has the ability to feed single or multiple machines. 

“The lifting unit has a crossbeam with suction cups to handle boards up to a maximum weight of 250 kg. It can also rotate the boards up to 90 degrees, thus enabling the board storage areas to be located either to the left, right or at the back of the saw and facilitate the loading of materials in the optimum orientation.”

The STORETEQ F-100 speeds up production

This complete integrated solution results in significantly higher saw performance, allowing more time for other value-added manufacturing processes. The gantry for the automatic feeder does not require any additional intermediate suspensions or cross bracing for a span of up to 12 metres, further optimising space utilisation.

The cell uses a standard interface which means both machines are already configured and ready to use without additional service support. Like the larger HOMAG P-300 panel storage system, the STORETEQ F-100 is powered by the woodStore 8 software. 

When paired with optimiser software, it efficiently manages all aspects of storage, from linking the purchasing system with order processing, to managing off-cuts and optimising material movements. Harnessing woodstore 8’s off-cut management module, the F-100 provides complete cataloguing and managing of useable off-cut panels.

The system can handle boards from 2000mm to 4200mm long and 600mm to 2200mm wide, with a panel thickness range from 8mm to 40mm. Using the machine monitoring and reporting (MMR basic) app or software provides an overview of the performance of the STORETEQ F-100 giving relevant machine information wherever you are.

HOMAG SAWTEQ S-200 panel dividing beam saw

The SAWTEQ S-200 cuts panels horizontally. It is a powerful, high precision, and above all, versatile beam saw. Controlled by CADmatic 5, the state-of-the-art, high-performance saw control system from HOMAG, it offers an intuitive operating concept with clear administrative functions. 

The innovative intelliGuide operator assistance system is now available for the SAWTEQ S-200. The Classic version features an LED strip at the cutting line which guides the operator by means of light signals. The saw also features HOMAG’s ecoPlus technologies that save energy and reduce operating costs. What’s more, ecoPlus reduces CO₂ emissions, thus helping to protect the environment.

An automated solution that grows with your business

Charles Smith again, “This single-axis STORETEQ F-100 with SAWTEQ S-200 cell has the potential to transform production capacity and greatly reduce manual handling and material damages. To ensure customers get a solution that meets their needs, our sales team work closely with clients to specify the best configuration to fit their particular production facilities.

“If previously you have thought that automated storage, retrieval and panel dividing systems are beyond your budget or simply too big for your premises, now is the time to reconsider. The production gains achievable with this cell can be a real game-changer, opening up potential new business opportunities,” concludes Charles.

This new cell will be making its UK debut in HOMAG’s Castle Donington showroom and will be available for demonstrations from March 2024.

For more information or a demonstration of any of the HOMAG machinery and software, contact Adele Hunt at HOMAG UK on 01332 856424.