In a strategic move to bolster operational efficiency, precision and safety in wood processing, Scottish sawmill Logie Timber partnered with industry leader, Daltons Wadkin, for a transformative upgrade in their production line. The collaboration centred on the installation of a New Salvador SuperPush 200, an automatic crosscut saw renowned for its advanced technology and unparalleled performance.

Logie Timber, nestled in the heart of Scotland’s vibrant timber industry, has carved a niche for itself with its commitment to promoting quality Scottish timber with an environmentally sustainable business model. Facing the dual challenges of increasing demand and the need for precision in timber processing, the company sought a solution that would not only enhance productivity but also align with its environmental ethos.

Enter the Salvador SuperPush 200, supplied by Daltons Wadkin, a name synonymous with excellence in woodworking machinery. Known for its cutting-edge technology, the SuperPush 200 promised a leap in efficiency, accuracy and safety, making it an ideal fit for Logie Timber.

The installation process was meticulously planned and executed by Daltons Wadkin’s team of experts, ensuring minimal disruption to Logie Timber’s ongoing operations. Training sessions were conducted to familiarise Logie Timber’s workforce with the machine’s advanced features, such as its advanced cutting list optimisation and multi-grade defecting facility, precise cutting capabilities, and intuitive software interface.

The Salvador SuperPush 200 immediately made its mark at Logie Timber, significantly reducing material waste and enhancing the over quality and precision of production. This not only led to an increase in efficiency but also contributed to the company’s sustainability goals by maximising the utilisation of raw materials and minimising material waste.

Furthermore, the automation features of the SuperPush 200 allowed Logie Timber to optimise its labour resources, reallocating manpower to other critical areas of the business, thereby enhancing overall operational efficiency.

The successful installation of the Salvador SuperPush 200 at Logie Timber is a testament to the powerful synergy between cutting-edge technology and strategic partnership. Daltons Wadkin’s expertise and commitment to excellence, combined with Logie Timber’s forward-thinking approach, have set a new benchmark in the timber industry, showcasing the transformative potential of automation in enhancing productivity and sustainability.

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