With a retail network of 17 showrooms throughout Ireland and a turnover in excess of €30 million, Cash & Carry Kitchens (part of the ORM ULC group) is proud to call itself the largest fitted kitchen manufacturer and retailer in the Emerald Isle. Established in 1977 in Cork, it has built a reputation as a maker of beautiful, affordable kitchens for families throughout Ireland.

“The company has been the best-selling kitchen retailer for many years,” explained Niall Cuthbert, managing director at ORM. “Listening to customers’ needs and wants has helped the business develop an unrivalled reputation for value, quality and service.

“Aligned with this, our business philosophy has always been to partner with the best suppliers out there; HOMAG is certainly one of those suppliers. It is considered the most advanced woodworking machinery company in the world, and for good reason. At ORM, we have been investing in HOMAG machinery and software for more than 30 years.

“The edge banders, CNCs, saws and other woodworking machinery are reliable, easy to operate and technically advanced. That’s why HOMAG was our first port of call when it came to sourcing a new CNC that would enable us to process curved worktops and workpieces and edge them using either EVA or PUR glue.”

The perfect pair – HOMAG’s CENTATEQ E-310 and powerEdge Pro Duo

HOMAG’s CENTATEQ E-310 is a universal CNC processing centre designed to incorporate the edge banding of shaped parts. The compact machine offers a high level of performance, enhanced by a wide choice of configuration options for processing spindles, drilling gears and tool-changers.

With an array of machining features as standard, the CENTATEQ E-310’s basic packages include its powerful four and five-axis routing spindles, travelling tool-changers for fast tool changes and a console table with high-precision liner guides and insertion aids.

For ease of operation, the CENTATEQ E-310 features a large viewing window so all essential functions can be seen clearly by the machinist. In addition, the table is freely accessible with no fences restricting access for set-up or loading.

Operators also have full access to the front side of the machine so it is easy for them to carry out drill and edge changes, refilling adhesive reservoirs, and general servicing work. Thanks to new components and an intelligent control system, the powerEdge Pro Duo unit makes it simple and quick to achieve efficient edge banding of curved parts. 

Using exact edge tracing and a feed roller with direct travel measurement, the powerEdge system guarantees that edging tape is applied precisely from start to finish. The speed, temperature and contact pressure are defined at every point along the contour, with no restrictions on butt joint locations. 

The pressure roller applies the edge to the workpiece with a precise amount of force for a consistently even finish. The addition of 360° gluing ensures even the smallest of components are edged to exacting standards. The easy and efficient programming of the powerEdge system allows the operator to achieve impressive results from the first workpiece without needing additional adjustments or test pieces.

The CENTATEQ E-310 – bringing everything in-house

Niall Cuthbert again, “The HOMAG E-310 CNC has enabled us to bring everything in-house. Previously, we had to send out curved worktops and workpieces for edging; that meant we lost control of both quality and delivery times. 

“Even the curved carcass components we could manufacture in-house required the use of five or six different machines, so it was a slow and expensive process. Now we can do everything in-house on the one machine, so the CENTATEQ E-310 has definitely transformed our production capabilities.”

Efficient planning and comprehensive training

“As usual with HOMAG, the installation process of the machine was planned and implemented with German precision. The new CNC was delivered, installed and commissioned within two weeks. Everything went like clockwork, just as promised.

“Prior to delivery, my colleague and I went to Germany for a week’s training which was excellent. As part of the commissioning process. the installation engineers then trained our team onsite. 

“The service from both HOMAG UK and Electro-Tech Machinery (HOMAG’s specialist machinery partner in Ireland) is excellent. Both companies are responsive, candid and helpful. They don’t fob you off with the usual sales patter, you get honest, informative advice that you can trust.

“The team at HOMAG are brilliant at working out the right solution for your manufacturing needs. Their ability to ask the right questions, questions that are much deeper and more probing than those asked by their competitors, helps them understand the issues and therefore put forward a better solution. I can’t recommend them highly enough,” concludes Cuthbert.

For more information, or a demonstration of any of the HOMAG machinery and software, contact Adele Hunt at HOMAG UK on 01332 856424.