Painted Ltd, a spray paint business that recently ventured into woodworking, has rapidly expanded its capabilities and market presence. Founded just three years ago in a modest garage, Painted Ltd has grown into a thriving enterprise offering a range of services for furniture and kitchen needs.

“I’ve always aspired to lead a business, to invest my time and dedication into something meaningful,” explains Emilia Dlutowski, the owner of Painted Ltd. “We started off small in 2021, but from the outset I had big plans. Once we’d become established in the spraying side of things, the time came to expand into joinery.”  

With a team of dedicated professionals, a commitment to quality, and a customer-centric approach, Painted Ltd has become a go-to destination for bespoke and end-to-end furniture solutions.

The challenge

Prior to investing in its own woodworking machinery, Painted Ltd relied on various suppliers to handle manufacturing processes. “We were having to outsource everything and it was eating into our margins. Not to mention the lack of control. Clearly, something had to change.”  

Emilia saw the potential in bringing everything in-house and being self-sufficient as a business. “Ultimately, we wanted to be a one-stop-shop, the go-to place for quality joinery with a quick turnaround.”

As Painted Ltd sought to expand its woodworking operations, the company faced the challenge of finding reliable and efficient machinery to meet its growing demands. Emilia recognised the need for advanced woodworking equipment that could enhance productivity, quality, and versatility.

“I wanted to get something that would do a lot more than basic joinery,” Emilia explains. “I needed something bigger and better.”

Discovering HOMAG

After extensive research, Emilia discovered HOMAG, a global leader in woodworking machinery, systems, and software solutions.

“Inevitably we came across HOMAG. As I was new to this industry I hadn’t heard of them before, but after thorough research, they seemed like the perfect fit for our needs.” Impressed by HOMAG’s reputation for innovation and quality, Emilia arranged to see the machines for herself. 

The machines

Painted Ltd were in the market for a combination of machines tailored to their specific needs:

SAWTEQ B300 - Panel Dividing Saw: Known for its high performance and compact space design, this panel dividing saw facilitates precise cutting for batch production or custom projects.

EDGETEQ S-300 - Edge Banding Machine: Equipped with multi-level technology and high automation, this machine ensures efficient processing of different profiles, offering flexibility and ease of use. 

CENTATEQ P-110 - CNC Machining Centre: With its versatility and compact design, this CNC machining centre provides the flexibility to handle various woodworking tasks, from intricate fretwork to commercial installations.

“The CNC machine was essential for us, especially for fretwork doors and making shaker style with moulds,” Emilia emphasises. “I don’t think any other CNC machine would have been able to do that.”

Emilia’s decision to choose these specific machines was driven by her desire to offer diverse woodworking services, from intricate fretwork to commercial installations. She valued HOMAG’s reputation for quality and innovation, and the machines’ capabilities aligned perfectly with Painted Ltd’s ambitions.

woodWOP Software

In addition to the machines, Painted Ltd also acquired HOMAG’s smartWOP software, a powerful tool that enhances the functionality and efficiency of woodworking operations. This software allows for easy programming of workpieces in 3D, offering a modern and intuitive interface for CAD, CAM, and WOP programming combined.

“smartWOP is very easy to use and offers improved programming reliability thanks to its modern 3D interface,” notes Emilia. “It’s full-proof software that has been an essential tool in streamlining our workflow.” 

The HOMAG experience

Emilia fondly recalls her experience visiting HOMAG to see the machines in person. “From the minute we walked in to the minute we walked out, I was like a kid in a sweet shop. It was love at first sight. I couldn’t wait to own the machines. They just looked amazing.”

The HOMAG team also left an impression. “Everyone we encountered, from James Mason, our local Sales Manager, to the software and showroom teams, were just so friendly and knowledgeable. We felt very welcome, and better yet we never felt pressured to buy anything. The machines don’t need anyone to sell them, anyway; they sell themselves!”

Installation and support

The installation process was seamless, with HOMAG’s delivery team ensuring a smooth transition. “It wasn’t disruptive in the slightest,” Emilia reflects. “We knew exactly what to expect and when to expect it. The delivery guys were great, and the training provided, namely by Ryan, was absolutely excellent.”

Outcomes and future plans

Broadly speaking, Painted Ltd has fulfilled its goal of becoming an end-to-end provider of bespoke furniture solutions. Since integrating HOMAG machines into its operations, the business has experienced increased efficiency, reduced production costs, and enhanced product quality. 

“The acquisition of HOMAG machines marked a significant milestone for Painted Ltd,” explains Emilia. “The transition from relying on various suppliers to in-house manufacturing has not only improved quality and efficiency but also reduced costs significantly. We’ve sliced roughly 60% off the cost of a sale, and the results are perfect every time. Since using HOMAG equipment, we’ve never had a dissatisfied customer or missed a deadline.”

Emilia is confident that these investments will propel Painted Ltd to new heights, enabling the business to compete with industry leaders and fulfil ambitious growth targets. “Already we’ve increased our brand awareness, and even more excitingly, we’re starting to win some big contracts. Truly, this is all possible due to the HOMAG machines.”

She concludes, “If anybody’s considering buying joinery machines, no one should waste time with manual machines. Make the investment; it’s worth it and I would definitely recommend you buy HOMAG machinery and software.”

For more information or a demonstration of any of the HOMAG machinery and software, contact Adele Hunt at HOMAG UK on 01332 856424