Kitchen Doors Northwest, a family-run business based in Preston and established in 1999, specialises in manufacturing made-to-measure PVC-edged panels. With over 20 years of experience, the company offers a comprehensive range of products including kitchen doors, replacement kitchen doors, fitted wardrobes, cut & edged panels, boards, carcassing, and office furniture.

“When we started it was just doors for kitchens, hence the name,” explains Tom Nicol, Production Manager at Kitchen Doors Northwest. “Now it’s mostly panelling we do, cut & edged to the customer’s liking.” 

Bringing both personality and professionalism to the table, Kitchen Doors Northwest has developed strong relationships with its customers over the years, earning a reputation for excellence and reliability. Despite over two decades of success, the Kitchen Doors Northwest team are not the kind to sit still; recently the decision was made to acquire new machines, and with them new possibilities. 

A history with HOMAG

Kitchen Doors Northwest are no stranger to HOMAG equipment. In fact, the first machine – an edgebander – was purchased back in 1999. “HOMAG have been with us since the start,” explains Tom. “That original edgebander served us very well for the better part of two decades. Needless to say, we wouldn’t be where we are today without it.

“Naturally, however, the time came for us to upgrade. Our first instinct was to stick with HOMAG machinery, but rather than rushing into things we took the time to research other options, just in case a superior player had emerged since the 90s.

“As expected, we came full circle. We knew already that the service you get with HOMAG is second to none. They might not be the cheapest, but when you look at the service and the quality of the machines, nothing else compares. Sticking with HOMAG was ultimately a no-brainer.”    

Following this realisation, Kitchen Doors Northwest expanded its capabilities by acquiring the SAWTEQ B-300 beam saw a few years ago. However, the real transformation occurred with the recent acquisition of three additional HOMAG machines.

Seeking solutions

Tom collaborated with the HOMAG team to address production inefficiencies that Kitchen Doors Northwest were contending with, particularly in crafting shaker doors with PVC edges. “Our current method was labour-intensive and time-consuming, involving multiple steps of cutting, edging, and grooving – a lengthy and finicky process.”

Seeking efficiency and simplicity, Tom consulted with Jon from HOMAG, who introduced a solution: an edgebander with an incorporated grooving facility. Intrigued, Tom made the trip to HOMAG’s showroom in Germany to see it in action.

“I figured that seeing was believing, so off we went to Germany for a demonstration. I knew straight away it would streamline our production and significantly reduce our turnaround time for making shaker doors.”

Further discussions with HOMAG revealed a range of options tailored to Kitchen Doors Northwest’s additional needs. Jon’s expertise and understanding of the company’s challenges ensured it found the right solutions. “Jon knew exactly what we needed to improve our operation. HOMAG have this way of knowing how to solve every problem you might be having.”

Consequently, Kitchen Doors Northwest acquired the following machines:

  • LOOPTEQ O-300 - Return Conveyor: Ideal for handling a wide range of materials with high capacity and gentle handling, offering benefits such as fast amortisation and ergonomic operation.
  • EDGETEQ XES 200 – Glue Service Station: Designed for processing PUR glue, offering solutions for storage, handling, and glue tank cleaning.
  • EDGETEQ S-380 - Edge Banding Machine: A versatile solution featuring high feed speeds, multi-function profile trimming, and flexibility for various material changes.

Doubled efficiency, and other benefits

The incorporation of the LOOPTEQ O-300, EDGETEQ XES 200 and EDGETEQ S-380 at Kitchen Doors Northwest has delivered a host of benefits, as highlighted by Tom.

“The biggest improvement has been in our efficiency,” he reflects. “Quite simply, we’ve doubled it. Our turnaround used to be a week – it’s now been slashed to a couple of days. This has not only enhanced customer satisfaction but has also allowed us to handle higher volumes of orders with ease.

“In a similar vein, everything’s become a lot more streamlined and simplified for us. Tasks that were once difficult and time-consuming are now trivial, thanks to the advanced features and capabilities of the HOMAG machines. Honestly, I’m not sure how we ever managed without them!

“Our own convenience aside, the machines have boosted our processing capabilities for the benefit of our customers. We can now effortlessly manufacture panels of different sizes to meet all manner of requirements. It’s made our operations much more flexible and adaptable.”

Seamless installation and integration

When it came to installing the new HOMAG machines at Kitchen Doors Northwest, the process was carefully planned to minimise disruption to operations. “We didn’t make it easy for them – we’re in a tight little location on a semi-busy road. The delivery guys made light work of it, though; they arranged to come early, and got these three massive machines off the wagons and into the workshop like it was nothing. It was impressive to watch. There was no disruption to our daily operations.

“The training provided by HOMAG was also excellent,” continues Tom. “Our operators found it incredibly intuitive, and it didn’t affect our production schedule at all. Thanks to the comprehensive training, our team was able to start using the new machines effectively right from the get-go.”

Recommendation and future prospects

Reflecting on their journey with HOMAG, Tom expresses his unequivocal recommendation for the brand. “I would definitely recommend HOMAG to anyone looking to enhance their manufacturing capabilities. They not only provide cutting-edge machinery but also exceptional support and expertise.”

Looking ahead, Kitchen Doors Northwest is poised for further growth and expansion. He concludes, “Our latest experience with HOMAG has been transformative, and we’re now exploring additional solutions such as storage facilities with overhead cranes to further optimise our operations. The future looks very promising, and that’s largely thanks to our partnership with HOMAG.”

For more information or a demonstration of any of the HOMAG machinery and software, contact Adele Hunt at HOMAG UK on 01332 856424.