One of the leading distributors of wood-based materials and panels on the Hungarian market, Borovi Impex Nagyker, has more than doubled its storage capacity with OHRA cantilever racking.

This will enable the company to continue to supply its customers quickly and reliably in times of rapidly rising timber prices and a general shortage of materials.

The 24m long cantilever racks with seven storage levels and weather protection allow easier access to individual items compared to the previous floor storage. All in all, the company can now supply its customers 30% faster thanks to the new racking system.

Cost-effective alternative to a warehouse

Borovi used to store their timber in piles under roofs. However, floor storage takes up a lot of space, and accessing individual items required repeated restocking processes, which took a lot of time. The timber merchant therefore decided to create the new storage capacity using cantilever racking.

Storage in cantilever racking offers significant advantages over the previous floor storage method

To protect the timber from the weather, the racks were fitted with a 2.7m deep roof on both sides. Display frames were mounted on the front sides of the racks, which supported a powder-coated trapezoidal sheet as a side panel. In addition, the cantilever columns are fitted with U-profiles into which boards can be inserted.

The resulting sheet piling additionally protects the timber from precipitation. This construction method saved Borovi the time-consuming and costly construction of a new warehouse.

Five racks

Borovi invested in a total of five 7.8m high cantilever racks. Including the base level, each rack offers seven storage levels.

Each of the 1.2m long cantilever arms has a load-bearing capacity of 800 kilograms. The rack bases are equipped with guide rails that make it easier to manoeuvre a four-way forklift in the rack aisles.

30% faster, 40% less damage

The new racking has enabled Borovi to more than double its storage capacity in a short space of time.

Storage in cantilever racking offers significant advantages over the previous floor storage method: individual items can be accessed directly without the need for stock transfer.

This significantly increases efficiency in the warehouse. This also significantly reduces damage to the goods. This and the secure protection from the weather reduced damage to the timber by around 40%.

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