Numerous woodworking manufacturers are viewing their wood waste stream as a revenue generator with the help of Fercell – capitalising on the opportunity to introduce added value, beyond the year-on-year savings to factory and office winter heating bills.

End wood/lump wood/machine skeletons burnt in a biomass system, used to heat factory and office, has becoming the norm, says Fercell. There is, however, an ever-growing number of companies buying into introducing a shredder and briquette press along with ancillary bagging equipment to create a complete, all-season profit generator. With the shredder placed on the production floor beside the waste generator, further efficiencies in reducing handling and added and the discharge chippings can be ducted into the dust extraction system. The briquette press is positioned at the silo /dust collection end – a simple retrofit solution, says Fercell.

Optional ancillary products include bagging systems, bag heat sealers, Kwik-fix ducting and even installation and after sale care plans to select from. The bagged product can then be pallet-stacked and stored in readiness to manage demand. Fercell says that this will convert a once-waste disposal liability into a revenue stream.

Fercell is a  UK market  leader in this field providing ducting, shredder, briquette and biomass heater solutions with the capability to supply machines producing briquettes at up to 6000kg/hr. So, whether a waste stream is small or large there is a Fercell solution to suit those needs either as a standalone or complete system.

Fercell has a ‘try before you buy, with our compliments’  offer which has become a year-round open invitation to run a machine trial at its Kent-based test facility, using customers’ own materials to then take away the results for further evaluation. Many companies make the most of the opportunity by discussing forthcoming projects in more depth with one of the in-house design engineers.

From concept to commissioning, stand- alone to complete system shredder, briquette press, dust extraction, ducting – even the biomass heater – the Fercell team can provide the solution.