In order to meet the diverse cutting requirements of SMEs throughout the industry, Bristol-based Magi-Cut Software has introduced a brand new Plus version of its already well-established Magi-Cut Express cutting optimisation software.

Magi-Cut Express Plus is full of new features previously unavailable in the standard Express package and is aimed at small- to medium-sized businesses that use sliding table or vertical panel saws and which are looking to save time and reduce material waste whilst maintaining a need for a rich choice of functions such as direct data import, issuing of stock, labelling and more – all in one affordable software package.

“We understand the value of time, and time spent on processes that can be bypassed or automatically managed by software is time better spent on generating new business,” says Karl Twyford of Magi-Cut Software.

With over 30 years’ experience in software development, Magi-Cut Software has, with the launch of Magi-Cut Express Plus, bridged the gap between its entry level cutting optimiser and ita Modular software packages. 

Launched in June, the new Plus version incorporates many of the market's feature requests from the past two years. Part lists can now easily be imported directly from a spreadsheet and raw material board lists straight from the integrated board database. 

Edgebanding requirements are addressed with the help of the edging library and laminate sizes are automatically calculated. With 99 user-defined information fields per part, users have the freedom to handle job complexity without having to worry about separate databases.  Furthermore, stock materials can easily be imported from an external source and automatically refreshed as each job is cut; the user ultimately controls their stock and not the other way round!

Batches of jobs can be optimised in a matter of seconds with Magi-Cut’s efficient scheduling of multi-core processors and the dynamic Pattern Editor allows parts to be deleted manually or, where space allows, supplementary parts not previously listed in the cutting list to be added to the pattern. The order of boards and the cutting patterns themselves can also be rearranged according to priority or convenience.

Detailed reports and management summaries help Magi-Cut’s customers to visualise their material requirements, board yield, waste and off-cuts and puts this into context in terms of real cost to your business in £s sterling.  These reports are fully customisable to meet different preferences in terms of layout, colours and fonts. The user has complete control over their processes and all this information can easily be exported in PDF or Excel to share with their teams. 

The label and form designers are also very popular functions allowing barcodes and pictures to be added to customised labels and forms.     

Karl adds: “Magi-Cut Express Plus really has benefited from our years of experience in developing software for many complex requirements from our Modular software customer base. This has helped us to identify the needs of smaller- to medium-sized businesses and with the Plus version of Express, we have been able to pack so many features into one robust software package. For us, it is a logical evolution, and we are glad to now be able to offer a solution to these businesses at a price within their reach.”

Magi-Cut Express Plus is available to download for a free 30 day trial from and the Magi-Cut team is always on standby to answer questions or give you an online demonstration of the software.

T 117 927 6353