Turbo Vacuumentation, the vacuum specialist, has launched a new tube lifter into the UK marketplace. Developed by the Schmalz company of Germany the new tube lifter builds on the success of the popular Flex tube lifter series, which facilitates the frequent, rapid handling of lightweight goods. The new JumboFlex 50 can handle loads of up to 50kg and its optimized suction flow rate makes it particularly suited for handling porous workpieces.

The innovation of the tube lifter lies within the new operator handle of the JumboFlex 50.

Proven advantages such as intuitive operation for right-handed and left-handed operators and the carefully controlled lift speed were maintained for precise and gentle handling. The larger soft touch surface improves the feel of the control button. Furthermore, the designers have reduced the overall height of the operator handle, which allows for a greater lifting stroke.

Different suction pads are available for various applications. The suction pads can be changed easily  without using tools thanks to the standard integrated quick-change adapter – an important advantage in a situation where the lifting of different components/assemblies are part of everyday business.

The round suction pad is used for handling barrels and buckets. Two-pad and four-pad suction heads are used for handling sheets and other large workpieces. The sack gripper can transport plastic and paper sacks. 

In addition, workpieces can be picked up from the sides. The suction pads can be swivelled by 90°, then automatically bring the load into the horizontal position after handling.
An electric pump with a suction rate of 67m3/h provides the vacuum generation. With the option of radio remote control, the operator can switch the vacuum generator on/off directly on the operator handle. This reduces energy consumption by up to 40%. 

Together with the TVL range of jib cranes and gantry cranes, the JumboFlex 50 is the perfect handling solution for efficient materials handling.

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