Simon Brooks, sales and marketing director of Homag UK, explains: “Until recently, the ‘invisible joint’ effect was only achievable for larger producers using high end technology such as Homag’s laserTec.

“The experts at Brandt have developed a revolutionary edgebanding solution to give even the smallest workshops the ability to reproduce industrial invisible joint quality in the form of airTec.”

The process starts when a commercially available coextruded edging tape, is heated by compressed air (between 270°C and 320°C) as it goes through the machine. This heat activates molecular bonding between the panel and edging material as they are pressed together and produces outstanding results.

“When equipped with airTec technology,” adds Simon, “the machine can still offer edgebanding via glue pot with roller. The changeover between the two methods takes very little time so that responding to customer demands is quick and easy.

“A simple technique, airTec can be easily adapted to suit different panel thicknesses and is therefore a flexible and cost-effective solution to most edging needs.”

Brandt airTec is available on all 1400-1800 series edgebanders. In addition, retrofitting to existing models may be possible following an inspection from a Homag engineer.

Open house success
The airTec solution is a major step forward for the Homag Group, bringing seamless edge technology within the reach of the majority rather than the minority. This was clearly evident at last October’s Homag UK open house, where interest in airTec was high.

Simon Brooks comments: “We had a lot of innovations on show at the Open House in Castle Donington, but the technology that really caught people’s eye was Brandt’s airTec. Customers were amazed at the quality and finish of the edging achieved using the airTec system. It is clearly an affordable ‘invisible joint’ technology that will help manufacturers of all sizes to reliably produce first class results at competitive price points.”

For those wishing to see how airTec could revolutionise the edgebanding process, call Adele Dixon at Homag UK for a free sample on 01332 856500.