Specify height, length, depth, power supply, energy controls, filtration, filter monitoring, lighting, partitions, even product handling ancillaries. This is the flexibility now offered with the improved industry classic: the Sirocco dry back spray booth series from Fercell.

Bench or open booth, standalone or multiple turnkey installations, all use inexpensive replacement filter technology for low maintenance, high air flow efficiency and capture rates over long periods.

With the introduction of more efficient fan and motor technology, noise levels have fallen to a quiet low 50 decibels. This improvement has increased energy efficiency making the super quiet improved modular Sirocco dry back spray booth series from Fercell the preferred solution.

Specifications available include the option to specify the length, height and width, whether single or three phase supply; filter monitoring; a choice of disposable pleated filter types; lighting options, an EG energy switch; single, double, sliding or swing access doors; as well as a range of ancillary equipment such as conveyors, turntables and racking.

A choice which is growing in popularity – and which offers sensible savings – is the option of a factory-refurbished spray booth.

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