Directly convert MDF factory production dust and wood waste into briquettes using the compact Elster silo filter, coupled with the new Weima HD500 briquette press technology from Fercell Engineering.

Elster eliminates the need for a separate filter unit and delivery system to a briquette press, along with a number of other key benefits:

• MDF dust to a solid briquette with no flaking
• Automatic material loading (no manual loading from sacks/bins/forklift)
• Very cost-effective recycling process solution turning waste into revenue
• Automatic filter cleaning without closedown, further increases efficiency
• Free up valuable floor space for more productive use
• Include an automatic bagging carousel reducing staff attendance
• Pallet bagged briquettes for  local sale and/or factory heating system
• Reduce factory heating costs by returning clean air back into the workspace

Using cartridge filter technology and an automatic pulse jet cleaning system, the Elster provides constant filtration without the need to shut down the plant for a cleaning cycle.

Elster has now joined the Classic Series of Fercell dust extraction systems – commercially-sensible environmental responsible solutions inverting production waste to revenue, and fuelling a growing industry duty of care trend.

Manufacturing briquettes from MDF has until now been difficult due to the lack of natural ligna left in the material after manufacture. With the launch of the HD500 Weima briquette press this problem is resolved and, with its seamless inclusion as part of the Elster solution, it is the first industry-proven MDF dust-to-briquette solution available in the UK.

For more than 37 years, Fercell has consistently stayed ahead of the curve with innovative products and solutions to address the industry’s waste reduction needs. Increasing efficiencies and reducing costs, the company's mantra – ‘….with Confidence’ translates into dedication for constant research, development and improvement of products, striving at all times to exceed clients’ expectations.

Wood briquettes have a high calorific value similar to brown coal, and provide a more efficient burn rate. These can be safely used as fuel for factory wood waste heating systems, or bagged using Fercell 1, 6, 8, 10 or double 8 automatic bagging systems – further increasing efficiency with less human handling and able to be stored on pallets for future use.

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