Homag Group’s power duo, the Bargstedt TLF 210 storage system and Holzma 3 series saws are proving very popular. Accurate, efficient and easy to use it’s no wonder that this combination is already in double figures for sales in the UK.

A store and saw solution
Simon Brooks, sales and marketing director of Homag UK explains why this duo is proving so successful: “Homag Group has recently introduced its Store and Saw (SAS) concept. Built around the TLF 210 and Holzma saw working together, SAS provides customers with an efficient and automatic system that saves time and money whilst producing high quality results.

“The TLF 210 maximises productivity, minimises downtime and saves valuable factory floor space. Small and large companies specialising in low batch, make-to-order production, using various board types, colours and sizes, find that this system is a real money saver. When coupled with a Holzma saw, the results are a high throughput rate without compromising quality and accuracy.”

Satisfied customer
S W Watson is a shopfitting and office furniture manufacturer based in Preston. It was one of the first businesses in the UK to install a Homag Group SAS system made up of the Bargstedt TLF 210 storage and retrieval system coupled to a Holzma HPP 380 beam saw.

Paul Watson, managing director of the business explains: “To achieve the consistency of product quality and the ability to deliver on time we have always invested in proven machinery. We bought our first piece of kit from Homag UK back in 1997. It was a Brandt edgebander and the quality and reliability of that machine made us realise the importance of investing in the best and most advanced machinery money can buy.

“Since then we have added a Weeke BHC 350 CNC work centre, a Homag BAZ 222 CNC work centre for shape and edge work, a Weeke BHX 500 CNC router and drilling machine and a Ligmatech return system for the Homag edgebander.

“Our latest investment, however, is probably one of the most significant we have made. We were looking to replace our old saw and Homag UK suggested we went over to Germany to see the Holzma HPP 380 saw in action coupled to the latest storage and retrieval system from Bargstedt.

“To be honest, it wasn’t until I saw the TLF 210 storage system actually working in Germany that I fully realised the potential for our business. And, although we have only had it installed for a few months, it is clear that the Bargstedt/Holzma combination has revolutionised our production process.

Accurate stock control
“From the moment the boards arrive and are entered onto the system we know exactly what we have in stock. We don’t have to go out and physically count them, the system keeps track of not only what we use, but also what off-cuts are stored as the boards are cut.

“Early results show that we have increased the cutting volumes by 30-40% and, because we can now store more boards in a smaller area, we have saved around 2000ft². of floor space.

“In terms of operational efficiencies, we no longer have to rely on two guys having to go and get the required board from stock and drag it to the saw. The Bargstedt crane knows from the MagiCut software which panel is required next so it goes to the right location and picks up the board before bringing it to the loading table of the saw. This means the storage system keeps the saw operating at maximum capacity.

Improved health and safety
“With this system the boards aren’t handled by people until they have been cut to size. This means we have eliminated damaged stock; the crane never drops a board and delivers the panels to the saw without the risk of scratching them. It is also much better for our workforce as they no longer risk injuring their backs lifting and dragging these big, heavy panels.

“The storage system has speeded up our manufacturing process and is clearly saving us money. It is a much cleaner and tidier work environment and it has enabled us to move staff into to the assembly area to increase output of finished goods.”

A cut above the rest
“As far as the saw goes, it is a quality piece of machinery. The consistency of cut coupled with the speed and accuracy of the HPP 380 makes the cutting process foolproof. 

“The advice we have had from Homag has always been first class and the engineering support is excellent. Their service engineers know what they are doing and on the odd occasion we experience an issue, the machinery is never down for any significant length of time.

“In terms of training, two of the team went out to Germany for a course and the installation engineer trained staff onsite. Homag UK always makes sure we are up to speed with the latest developments and they will be conducting more training in the weeks ahead.

“For a company our size this investment was a big decision, but I’m happy to say that it has paid dividends from the moment it went live. As I said earlier, I have no doubt that this system is the future and I would strongly recommend that any company looking to improve productivity and reduce costs talks to Homag about the Bargstedt TLF 210, it really will change your production process for the better,” concludes Paul.

The Bargstedt TLF 210 storage system is fully operational in conjunction with a Holzma HPP 350 at the Homag UK showroom in Castle Donington near Derby and available for demonstration upon request. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to see this and many more innovative products in action – please call Adele Dixon on 01332 856410 for a personal invitation.

Bargstedt TLF 210 has maximised productivity, minimised downtime and saved valuable factory floor space for S W Watson

Bargstedt TLF210 storage and retrieval system coupled to a Holzma HPP 380 beam saw at S W Watson